Waifu Battles


I can haz them.

Chie’s the best. That’s all.



this needed it’s own thread


Trap Teddie is the best, soz.


The females in Persona 4 fucking suck.

Teddie/Chie dabess though.


P4 character popularity poll: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-03-09/anime-one-poll/favorite-persona-4-character

I hope people who are into Persona aren’t gonna be the primary people playing this game because fuck if I feel like playing against Naoto and Yukiko all day.


:eek: 10Chies




Also Yukiko/Dr. B


who i need to kill to be a mod of this section >:3
And calling dibs on Yukiko


Yeah jeez, by christening the Persona board this way you’d think SRK was some anime forum.

Though as long as we don’t turn into UMVC3 OTT then I think it’ll be fine.

Yes to Yukiko.


Lighten up guys. goes back to sleep on Cathrine pillow


Kanji is the only true waifu material.


You’re all wrong, Naoto is the best.


Perhaps not when your avatar doesn’t reflect that opinion. Your stance is weaker without the direct correlation in avatar to post(ed opinion).

You can give your better Chie avatar to the OP guy though in making the switch to not lose that one.


Is Oro your waifu? :confused:


He has mature fetishes.


Akihiko is the only husbandu I need.


Im probably one of the few Yukari fans since i felt she was the least cartoony character(meaning how realistic her character development was) in P3 series. I blame P3 Fes for people giving her uncalled for hate.

Hope she gets in as a dlc fighter so i can use bow and arrow gameplay


Chie is the best waifu of the Persona girls.

Naoto is an overrated slut.


I saw the title of this thread and [S]guessed[/S] knew that Supar had something to do with it…
Call me da:



The P3 MC looks better character design wise as a female


just saying