Wait a minute there's a Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper?

Is it true that there is a Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper coin up? What is this and how is it different than regular Zero 3?

Also, is it CSP2 and dumped/emulated?

I thiink it’s the same thing as dreamcast version. You know, with guile, and without crouch cancels, and all that crap.

I think Yun, Eagle and Maki’s in it too.

And something about a evened out V-Ism.

But is it on CPS2? XOR’ED?

Yun/eagle/maki are in game boy version only. I think it’s on the arcade version of Dreamcast… forget what it was. Naomi II or some crap like that.

Point blank, its not emulated isamu.

skip upper, its teh suck.

^ What he said and Upper was for the Naomi, not Naomi 2.

co-sign#2, just for clarification. Don’t bother with Zero3~UPPER, just play Zero3

Wait minute, because they took a bug out, it sucks?

z3 upper is NOT the dreamcast version. I’ve said that like a 83653865873658735 times. the dreamcast has crouch cancels, upper does not. the dreamcast can build meter from wiffing throws, upper cant. V-ism got raped harder in Upper, A ism got strong, X got weaker, which made ni sense. all the console characters are present, yes, even including shin akuma and shin bison which totally makes the game scrubffest.

upper is trash. upper would have bben fine if it was the original a3 release, or if it was released not too long after a3. but they waited almost 3 years for that upgrade.

bottom line is, capcom just does not understand the fighting scene at all.

tsubame: sometimes a bug adds to the game. if you dont think thats true, then almost every way of sf that you know it is a bug. for instance, the crossup was a bug. the biggest and most influential bug in sf history that made it what it was today, is cancelling/buffering/2in1, whatever terminology you like best. It is very well known that the programmers did not mean to put buffering into the game. they did label it as a bug. now just imagine if they removed that glitch? no real combos, marvel probably wouldnt have their chain combos since its a deriative from sf2 buffering, and who knows what else. not all bugs are a bad thing, that bug alone made sf what it is today

Welcome to SRK! :party:

Isn’t upper the one with Fei Long, T-Hawk, Dee Jay and Guile? And those assholes could’ve made it cps2 and just DRAWN the pathetic 3d hit-sparks. Making it for Naomi wasn’t even worth it.

what exactly are you trying to imply by that?

He means ppl at SRK prefer older versions of games that have bugs. I don’t play Alpha 3, but in 3s for example, ppl like the “old” version that has Urien unblockables.

I have the Saturn version of Alpha 3, someone tried to tell me that the PS1 version is better, even though it is missing animation and has long load times. And all I hear is that the DC version is total crap. Can someone briefly run down why this is so?

Everyone hates the DC verion because it’s nothing like the arcade version.


Imagine this - taking the Alpha 3 sprites at their original resolution, blowing them up, but using the original hit boxes with the blown up sprites. You now have the Dreamcast version of Alpha 3.

Playing Alpha 3 for the PS on a PS2 with fast load times enabled reduces them about half. I would recommend that over playing the Dreamcast version.

Seriously, since V the most powerful ISM in A3, weakening V would help the game, and by removing crouch cancels, you weaken V.

X weakening makes no sense, but it’s better to have 2 strong and 1 weak option, then 1 strong and 2 weak to me.

BTW I’m pretty sure I saw SFZ3U emulated.

I think Saturn version is the best console version for Alpha 3.

ANyhoo, don’t mind Time_Stpop. Outside of SNK news, He’s stupid. His opinions don’t carry weight.

Firstly i don’t think we can say how strong or weak the ism’s are in upper since it was barely played competitively, if at all.

If it is rereleased i think it will do fairly well again IF the rerelease is the upper version, since noone plays A3 to begin with it’ll give the game a fresh start like that batman movie.