Wait for street fighter x tekken or buy ssf4ae?

Ok so, i am a RTS player who is going into fighting games. I prefer playing multiplayer on pc. Will SSF4AE have very few players online when Street Fighter X Tekken is launched?

For a short while a lot of people will probably switch, yes (should still be plenty enough to find, though).
However, a lot of people are likely to come back unless Capcom does some master fix of their game within the next month.

I think you should buy SF4AE it’s a great fighting game and SFXT is 2 and a half months away for Pc.

Buy Skullgirls

I could have sworn he said PC.

That being said, get either AE or Melty Blood.

Wait for SFxT. Which should have a ton of new players from all three groups, SF fans, Tekken fans, and casual gamers.

SFIVAE and just the SFIV series in general, is just a SF title and has somewhat “matured” after these years being out. Only going to find the more dedicated veteran types playing it lately, which will be a much smaller stream than what SFxT will have for the next couple of years.

Overall, AE is still a great game, but i believe SFxT will a lot more gamer interest for a while to come.