Wait! he's a girl?!: Samus Thread


well she was my main in melee. and looks decent in brawl,Discuss please.:woot:


I think you can change the Zero Laser’s angle. I noticed it while my brother was using Samus.


Yes, you can. Not sure how to do it yet, I assume push up/down while it’s about to go off.

The only Samus experience I got last Tuesday was in the one fight in the last level of SSE, so I don’t have much. She hasn’t changed much though. I don’t know if this was in melee, but her missiles can randomly come out as Super Missiles: these are NOT homing, but they hit like a busload of Donkey Kongs and move pretty fast. If there’s a way to predict these, they’re a serious KO move IF you don’t deplete the power of your missiles too fast.

Charge Beam still KOs at fairly low percents, but beyond that she doesn’t have great KO ability. Fsmash, Bair, and Dair seem like your killers. She can use the Grapple Beam in the air to poke: this is a RETARDEDLY good poke that leads to many setups. Honestly I think she’s the character that has the best meteor usage in this game, between her DAir, the air-to-air grapple beam, missiles, and a Charge Beam she has sick mixups on their recovery. Most of these work on your way back, too, and additionally the grapple beam will grab an edge. Edgehogging Samus is generally a Bad Idea from what I can see, so you shouldn’t have to worry about that getting hosed unless you’re in a VERY bad recovery situation.

Keep a charge beam up as often as you can. For one thing, it stops an edgehogger cold. Get low, fire --> grapple beam. Either he rolls/drops and you grab the edge, or he dies from being banked off the side of the stage and you grab the edge. :stuck_out_tongue:

From vids I can see her bombs are still quite useful for recovery, especially if you recover high.


^ so essentially she is an excellent edge guard. I also tend to spam bombs alot with her especially when returning to stage upon hit.


Bitch got spammable missles (forget homing), a spammable air+z, bombs for defense, her down+tilt from melee, and that great down+smash. She’s still a beastette


Homing Missiles are much better than Power Missiles this time around.

D-Tilt is now the secondary KO move now, it kills earlier than even her Charge Shot… which is freaking sad when you think about it.


What do you guys mean by down tilt?


The burst of flame she shoots on the ground that hits opponents up.


anyone remeber that one kick she has in melee where she kicks up while standing. does she have that? also is it powerful?


shield dashing


You mean her Up-Tilt? That looks like an overhead? Yeah



what a mighty avatar there.:wgrin:


Oops, I accidentally posted in this thread, sorry guys, unintentional bump.


I main Fusion Samus and ZSS in this game, so it’ll be cool to see if I can kick asses like I kicked kenmastersX’s Sonic to the curb.
Can anyone tell me how to deal with impulsive rushers like Sonic and Sailor Marth?


^ Abuse Screw Attack and Air Grapple Beam. If you get hit mid-range do a bomb so that they rush into it or they wait for it explode which gives you breathing room.

TBH I’ve been slowing giving up on Samus. Her KOing game is just pathetic now, it actually bores me to play as her. -_-*


Power missiles aren’t random, they’re basically smash missiles, while Homig missiles are “Tilt” missiles.

Get your opponent over the edge and go for that meteor. That’s basically the best chance for a KO.


missile cancel is gone so the missile game was hurt considerably.

samus is looking decent so far. haven’t played a lot with her but it seems her aerials have less lag than most of the cast so thats a good sign


Screw Attack hella hoes. That’s the key to my success. Samus only has two good KO moves now: her up-tilt and her f-smash. Her bair is also good, but it’s only good as a trick. People can fuck you up if they see it coming. Same deal with the Screw Attack.


is there anyway to play as zero sam without having the armor? from the char. select screen?


Hold R or L when you select Samus. When the match starts her armor will come off, and you can use it as a projectile :tup:.