Wait... so what was Capcom's big E3 surprise?


Did I miss something? Did they not tease a big surprise the week before E3? I heard practically no Capcom coverage this E3 save for ducktales and some lost planet 3.


Your mother


Quality SRK reply.


It was Dead Rising 3.


Inafune is back?


Oh yeah!! I forgot because they managed to make it look so generic and forgettable! Man, they do not know their audience anymore at all.


Megaman is in the new Smash Brothers. Surprise, they have even outsourced their mascot.


Well, at least they outsorced Mega Man to someone actually capable of the task instead of Ninja Theory this time…


I thought it was Megaman in Smash.


Ironic that Nintendo has done better service to Megaman than Capcom.


maybe they’ll announce something at TGS.


I dunno. Not feeling how…robotic Mega Man is in terms of personality. He has the same dull expression on his face the entire time and didn’t feel human at all. Not feeling that. Hope that changes later on.


B-But he IS a robot…

I think the idea was to pay homage to his NES sprite in polygonal form. Just about all of his movements, mannerisms and even his “getting hit” animation are throwbacks to his NES days.


MvC Mega Man >>>>> Smash Mega Man



Too bad Capcom forgot all about that for MvC3…


Fuck Megaman it’s all about Megaman X


It never characterized as one in any of the Capcom games. If he wasn’t blue and had a gun for an arm you would easily forget about that fact.




Be quiet. They’ll hear you.

Next Mega Man by Ninja Theory would be about a broody teenager who is obsessed with blue hoodies, wishes he was a real boy, and struggles with hating his powers and abilities most likely.


OG CapCom yo!