Waiting a long time for ranked machtes as a bronze player


Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Im egaer to get better in SFV. Im training often in training-mode while waiting for matches. Here lies my problem.
i recognize that i learn the most when im playing vs other people. But actually finding someone is hard. im waiting 7-10 minutes for a ranked match!

i just want to play ranked. My settings:

Rank-Match: ON
unranked-match: OFF
Hardware-setting: Both
Connection: Only 5

in my experiance even playing people with 4 bars results in often rollback-problems or just general lag. Thats why im only looking for 5 bars (even there you rarely meet “laggers”).

there would be no other solution to my problem then to reduce the Connection-setting, no?
Do you find more people to play in higher leagues? Is this a Rookie/Bronze - problem?

Outside from online i dont have anyone to play with. im living in Germany (explains my english :P) and there is not really a scene here where you could find people to play. so i have to rely on online mode.

Are there any tipps?


I find that setting it to 4-5 is mostly lag free, but for the past few weeks there has been a lot of lag no matter what your connection settings are. It seems to have gotten better though…

You can also try turning on casual matches as well, you don’t have to just play ranked to gain some experience. Also if you are on pc you may need to fiddle with some settings.


Is it maybe necessary to allow some ports for the game? Im playing on Windows 10.

Edit: I allowed the following ports and will test a possible improvement at a alter point:

TCP: 80, 443, 20002, 30840, 30850, 30870

UDP: 30840-30859, 30870-30879

Edit 2: After forwarding all the above written ports i aborted the search for an oponent ingame after 20 minutes. I have to admit that it was at 2 am in the middle of the week but still…there has to be other maniacs who want to play at these times of day :stuck_out_tongue:


Try setting up a battle lounge instead, with a first to 3 or first to 5 and wait for someone to join with good connection.

If you are looking to get better this is probably the best way to do so especially if you aren’t finding ranked matches. Then you can level up in battle lounge and when you return to ranked you’ll body all the other bronze guys :wink:


Hey, cool tip.

Of course i tried battle lounge for this exact porpuse xD. The problem was wasting time with constantly kicking 2-bar-players (which felt also a little bit mean).
But i will try this again later.


That is a problem sometimes, once you find someone that has a good connection and you play a few sets with, send them a friend request or add them to your favourite list, that way you can build up your list and there should end up being people online any time you want to play that’ll play with you.


There is a scene every where, man. You just have to search really hard.


Battle Lounges allow for longer sets with the same opponent, which is great as you have the time to adjust and learn how to play around stuff you couldn’t handle before. I’m from Germany too, though I have no problems finding ranked matches. What’s your Steam ID? I’ll add you, we could play some sets if you like (currently Silver, but haven’t played ranked much).


Hey, thank you all for you answers and help.

Fortunately, i found help in a german forum for fighting games. i found a group of people who are willing to spent the time to beat my ass untill i get better :slight_smile:

Battle Lounge dont work for me because i dont want to spent 10 minutes kicking 1-2 bar chinese or japanese players. why doesnt sfv has a region lock option btw. ? and i miss the option to set the lounge so that only people with for example 5 bars can enter my lobby.


I find the name of this thread far more entertaining than I should.


Also try turing on ranked match while in training, I find it easier to find opponents when in training rather then actually queuing up a search.


There is actually a way to region lock but its rather too complicated for me to care to use it.

I would just hang in battle lounges. It really helps considering when you play ranked you don’t really get matched up with your rank 50% of the time, when I was grinding out bronze-silver I was always getting +1-2 ranks higher than me frequently. Getting your skill up in lounges will make ranked a hell of a lot easier.

Good luck.


I understand what you mean, the flags never load for me either and neither do the connection bars so whenever I’m trying to join battle lounges it’s just a guess whether they are from Europe or not!

It can be worth the little wait though because then you may find somebody who’s willing to play for a while and then there’s no waiting in between matches! Good that you found a group to play with.


There’s no such thing as lag free in SF5. It has really bad netcode even on 5 bars. But then again you did say “mostly”.