Waiting for your table? Law general discussion thread



This place has been dead. Anyone else in here? Anyone been having any match-up problems, general game play problems or just want to rant? Do it here!


Anyone using a SCDC set up for law? Just wondering if anyone has a setup, I’m putting mine in the combo thread.


Im here. I pair law up with Juri.


Here. Rufus/Law

Anybody notice any changes on out man Law? I’m at work so I can’t check myself.


I havent noticed any changes. Still the same ol’ solid law :smiley:


Joining in now that I’m fully on the Juri/Law train. :slight_smile:

I don’t have any rants though sadly… I just wish I’d’ve jumped on this team from day one. Law makes a great teammate in this game.


sadly that’s all he’s good for… considering he sucks upfront w/ no anti-airs… i still put him upfront though when i use hwoarang in lol


Having played him for a while now… I dunno’. I still wouldn’t put him on point unless absolutely necessary or the matchup allows it (ie., you aren’t playing someone who’ll be jump-happy), but I’ve seen him work in that spot on a few teams. Still, nothing wrong with being a great teammate/anchor in this game. And Law has a bunch of useful tools so long as you have meter to use them - with a battery like Juri up front, once Law comes in off of a TC or (preferably) a launcher, you’re doing all sorts of damage and they can’t recklessly approach.

Particularly off of a raw launcher punish… Law gets in for free meterless, does good damage with little scaling… fun times. :slight_smile:

Once my Lili gets up to speed (someday) I’m going to try to push that team more as well, but playing Lili up front with no meter? I’m not too good at that, lol. But if I can get her to work more consistently, she can get that unscaled launcher into Law damage. Just seems like a really meter hungry team.


j.MP beats a lot of stuff. LIke it comes out surprisingly fast AND somersault is not too bad of an anti-air. If you said he has no SF char like anti-airs, then yes that is true.

Off that topic but his overhead f.MP links into c.MP. Hella stuff you can bank off those two moves alone and it’s the SAME BUTTON!

Law’s really good. I haven’t found any reasons to drop him. I only want to pair him up with everybody right now. Lack of fast c.HP has definitely been something we’re all aware of since day -4 but it’s nothing to really drop the character for. People spend way too much time dwelling on bad faults than good points.


Hmm… So somersault can be a decent anti-air. Is it just a matter of doing it early? Whenever I tried to use it as an AA in the past it seemed to get beat by almost every jump in.

I need to spend more time in the lab with that.


I haven’t played this game in a long time, and correct me if I’m wrong, but using somersault as an anti-air is situational. Because it comes out so slow I really only used it as a means to deter lofty air attacks, mainly air tatsu’s, and chars with floaty jumps.

Also because it comes out so slow it is extremely hard (at least for me) to react to jump ins and have it not get beaten clean. I have seen a number of law players recently using it as a preemptive anti-air, of course you’d have to watch doing that when certain chars have super. I would also try to react to a jump in by jumping at the opponent with a good air-to-air like jp.mp as Novax has already stated.


Yeah I think that’s probably my best bet to deter people from jumping in. Just going to have to get used to using air-to-air as an anti-air, something I’ve been neglecting since Cammy/Juri/Lili have been my point characters lol.


I believe you use the LK or MK versions for better results. The LK version flips backward and the MK one flips straight up. But I think it’s a little easier to follow up with b.MP~MP if you hit them with MK version. It still has to be quite preemptive though. Somersault’s not bad for chipping either since Spinkick is easy AC bait sometimes.