Wake up attack inputs?


Wasn’t sure where to put this but since Its a pretty newbie question guess this should be the place.

So could someone explain the process of wake ups? I discovered this is probably one of my worst skills on offense and defense.

For example I’m in the middle of a wake up and try to input ex.DP or even h.DP which by book beats anything but in some situations nothing comes out and I eat a punish. Now my questions is, is there a certain time frame where you are supposed to input the attack for it to come out? I thought “Well if I’m in the process of standing up or a quick revive that’s when I should do my move” However it’s never consistent.

This also goes with grabs, grabs I’m a little better with but once again in some situations when I’m expecting a grab and try to reverse it I get beat to it. Pressed almost simultaneously, small grab window I guess?

On offense for meaty’s I’m on the same boat I’ve watched tons of guides and did homework but I just can’t seem to get it down. I go into practice and set the dummy for quick revive/jab and I get it down pretty consistently however nobody always QR’s and when I have to judge it based on a normal its pretty hard and I tend to just go for a grab or block, which then my pressure starts to decrease. I feel this is why I cant get passed ultra silver ( besides all the rage quits :anguished: ) as it’s a pretty crucial tech that can really get you ahead in a fight. Honestly I think I may have ranked up a little too quick and never got a grasp on every fundamental :angry:


Wakeup reversals have a specific window that is smaller than in previous SF games. If you wanna know the exact timing you can go into training mode and try to record a wakeup action for your dummy, when you did it at the right time you’ll see the word “reversal” appear on the screen. Remember that everything can (and should) be inputted earlier because of the large input buffer window and the extra frames of input lag.
Instead of trying to time your reversals manually you should learn some setups for your characters that allow you to land the meaty without worrying about that. Some moves like throws will also usually grant you a specific meaty (for instance on back throw with Bison you can always get a meaty df+HP).


Yea i’ve been using that meaty, its good. Bison has so many I’m struggling to incorporate Ryu’s tho.


Have you read this yet? This game is very different, and many of the things that are s staple of older SF titles were simply programmed not to work as well in this game. Give this a sold read thru


I have no idea how to do this. I know how to use the menus, but other than mashing jab I can’t get anything to come out. If I try to input a DP, am I supposed to do it as soon as the timer reaches zero, or just as it’s hitting zero, or what?


Have you tried input slowdown? You should be recording it as soon as they are getting off the ground when the timer reaches zero and the record light turns red right before they land if you get the reversal text prompt you did it right, if not, do it again


With Ryu the trick is to end ur combos with m.tatsu it puts u in the perfect range for a meaty. Timing is just something u will have 2 practice don’t worry bout whether they QR or not just focus on looking at when the character is getting up off the floor and when u should press a button for ur meaty. The easiest normals ryu has for meaties r bhk and stmp


But wouldn’t characters with 1f qr beat any meaty tho? That’s what I thought was said. For example guile’s flash kick, or are you telling me If properly timed it can be interrupted?