Wake up/Corner defense options for the Giefmiester?

I’m beginning to have alot of difficulty on wake up, esp if I’m in the corner as Gief. Every single one of his specials are unsafe and easily bait-able, duh. Backdash works sometimes depends on the character/options selects, definitely not in the corner tho.

For some odd reason other than Seth, Ryu, the most difficult time I have on wake up is Guy. That guys whole game is all about baits. cr lp seems to lose to his pokes on wake. And the threat of the DP in general causes me to block alot, and so I end up eating so many walk up throws. Guile is notorious for that as well.

Any general advice in such situations? Yeah, I know its rather odd hearing someone having trouble on Giefs own wake up…

well, i guess I am the only one…

If he is throwing pokes at you, just EXSPD. It goes through meaty attacks.

Also, make sure to crouch tech if a player walks up on you while you turtle.

What are you referring to with guy’s DP? EX Bushin senpukyaku is close, but I wouldnt call it a DP.

Yeah, I have been trying to think of a situation where I was pressured into a corner on wakeup and nothing is coming to mind. I really haven’t had too many situations where they pressured on wakeup more than once, since it only takes one EX-Spd to make them never want to do it again. Late crouch tech might be helpful?

late crouch tech?

That’s the thing. They can totally bait Gief’s entire move set and punish accordingly. I can even be thrown out of a nooby wake up lariat or ex GH. Hell I’ve seen myself thrown out of a point blank EX SPD as well.

Yeah, i guess block/late crouch tech is the best bet. The dp characters make this hella frustrating.

Ryu and Seth don’t have very strong wake up games vs gief. In fact Seth should be running away from you when he gets a knock down. How are they baiting you if they are looking for wake up lariet they might nj and this can be counter with aa lariet. If they are going for the throw on wake-up Lp spd. Gief has the tools to deal with almost all wake up pressure it’s just figuring out how to predict what they are going to do and countering.

Do you have the videos from these games so that we can see what you’re having difficulty with? Honestly the only thing that could really give most Gief players trouble in terms of wake up pressure is the fact that so few people will ever go that route that they’re caught completely by surprise by it and forget why most people run away as soon as they get a knockdown on Gief.

If they are sitting right next to you I usually go for EX Suplex. Which either results in quick big damage and favorable position or sometimes if they do try something meaty will grab them anyway and accomplish the same thing. If they’re trying to hit you with a DP or some other garbage that’s a fairly easy block and punish situation. Any wakeup meaty normal option loses to command grab/ultra though and any jump in should be blocked and punished or result in a c.Lariat.

Gief is the anti-rushdown. If people are staying in your grill during wakeup typically they’re doing your work for you.

Yeah pretty much this. My prediction is just really bad. I expect throw I spd, they jump. I predict dp, i eat a throw. I predict over head i eat a cr normal to combo. I throw out some wake up jabs, they get stuffed by some special.

Yeah so just need to get better at the 50-50 i suppose. As someone else mentioned generally people don’t approach Gief this way so i get caught extremely off guard when people do.