Wake up EX lightning legs/hundred hand slap - not a good idea?


First off, I don’t play charge characters nor can I piano very well. I was just wondering why it seems that wake up EX lighting legs is not a viable option, as I never see it used. I mean if you could get the reversal down, it’s pretty good at only 4f. So, what’s the deal?


No invincibility! If your opponent does a meaty you’ll just get smacked out of it and lose some meter to boot.

Might as well jab/low short/throw if you’re gonna do that. The low shorts will lead to the same thing anyway in Chun’s case.


Yeah it’s not invincible. The only time EX legs is truly legit as a reversal if when your opponent is -4 or higher on block. Otherwise you’re just doing it to be crazy (which can work occasionally, but don’t make it a habit or you’ll get shut down real quick).

I’m guessing EX HHS is even slower on startup, so yeah… don’t go around mashing that too much.

Edit: also those moves are extremely easy to just mash out in a reversal situation, so execution is not the issue at all if you though that was the case.