Wake Up Game

I’ve been getting much better at my footsies, anti-airs, pokes, etc. I manage to defend well and damage my opponents and win matches, but the matches are always close and this is because I don’t do much damage after i hard knockdown a player. I try landing the combos I’ve learned but it doesn’t work. Want to know what everyone else does because I know i can win more matches if I can do more damage after knockdown . Thank you for reply in advance.

Chances are you are being too obvious. By not landing the combos, do you mean your attempts are getting blocked? Are you mixing up highs, low and cross ups? Are you mixing in throws if your opponent keeps blocking?

I mixup by either jumping in or trying to bait a reversal. After that I mix between throw and combo, and meaty attacks, all which are blocked. Some throws land but that’s it.

Who do you play

Also what does this person play? People always presume SFIV. It really should be stickied somewhere that you need to state your game and character.

If they are crouch blocking try overheads, otherwise go for sweeps.

Also might be time to learn some frame traps.

Sorry for being vague, I use Ryu and Cammy in USFIV.

Cammy is a very technical character so I’ll leave her aside. If you want to score hits with her go to the character subforums and look up the various crossup/fake crossup divekick setups.

For Ryu it’s more straightforward. Assuming you’re familiar with his auto safejump off sweep, hold upforward and it’s an automatic safejump vs 4 frames. Most people know this so they won’t try to reversal, so after they block the jump in you have a lot of options depending on what you think they’ll do (there’s no clear cut answer, you have to read your opponent and apply the specific counter):

[] You think they’ll try to throw you or jump away: start your combo with a low.
] You think they’ll mash cr.lp: throw them after blockstun wears off or wait a split second after blockstun and do cr.mp, convert into combo.
[] You think they’ll crouch tech: wait a hair longer and frame trap. If you’re feeling ballsy you can do f.hp straight away after landing for major rewards.
] You think they’ll mash: do a delayed crouch tech/bait

Ryu has air tatsu in that setup as cute gimmick for you do throw out every so often, closing rounds or intending to switch sides.

Also never forget you have DP FADC Ultra as one of the best frame traps in the game. Just do cr.lp, mp dp FADC (not a cancel, do it just after the lp) and you’ll catch 70% of people online with it.

In general though, USFIV has shifted the focus from the wakeup a lot, too many options for the defender for you to risk guessing everytime. With Ryu in particular you can just blockstring and space people out and be fine.

However, I remember a video demonstrating how either Tokido or Daigo (can’t remember) do their cr.lp, cr.lp, cr.mk xx hadouken string to bait reversals and frame trap people but I can’t find it now. Tagging @ilitirit so maybe he can help (I have no idea how you find some of the videos you post).