Wake up options?



What do you on wake? Nothing works now everything loses to mashing cr.short.





Upkicks will only work on non-crouching attacks.

EX MGU will beat out meaty lows and throws.

Crouching attacks you usually just have to block.

Since most people pressure Dee Jay with crouching lows understanding he doesn’t have a strong wakeup, you can usually just hold down back and there won’t be a mixup that’s too tough. If they go for a crossup or overhead you just upkick it. If you can read the throw you can EX MGU for some damage.


Ex mgu loses to meaties.


Should beat a low if the low is only active for a couple frames. AFAIK meaty is hitting as late on active frames as possible no? Has a bit of low invul. Shouldn’t beat any other meaties outside of lows.


I’ve been c.lk’d by Cody plenty of times and it beats ex mgu




Well after some nonstop grinding to break into the top 100. I have gave up on wake up reversals and went for super and U1 reaction.


Super and U2 only good reversals. If you got away with wake up u1 I feel sorry for the sucker you hit with it lmao


Only time I ever have used u1 on wakeup is when I knew the opponent was staying grounded and only had enough life to still be chipped out if they blocked… Even then it’s risky.


You’ll be surprised what I get a way with in a match.

When you’re fighting command input characters with low forward into big damage. The risk is worth it. If only lk.sobot was still there.


that doesn’t make it good. I do wake up bs against friends and ppl i’m trolling online, but i know it’s not smart. against low forward ppl you should be letting them hang themselves by reacting to cr. mk xx special move