Wake-up Pressure Issues

Often I see on vids a magneto will try to mixup a waking up opponent. Sometimes I see it work and i wonder how that could have happened. How come when I try to do some magneto trijump crap on a waking up guy they always just mash the assist button and I get smacked. Im wondering what am I not doing that the pros, who do it in their matches, are. Someone help me wit dis please.

ok like if you launch someone with mag and do hp. dash down/forward, hp., you can do like a nj tri jump lk which will miss and cause them to look at it as if they need to block high, then you land and do low low+ assist, and bam you did a wake up pressure with mag.

I never mash on the assist button when I’m waking up, but I think if you time your attack poorly they have enough time to call out an assist. However, if they wake up into block stun they shouldn’t be able to call an assist.

I’ve always wondered about that. I think you’re right about it, though. It would make sense because they don’t seem to be able to perform any other actions before their “wake up invincibility” runs out… but I’ve been hit with assists enough times to wonder whether or not they can call them before they can block.

Does anyone know this for sure?

yeah you cant call assists when youre in blockstun but if the person trying to pressure you on wake-up isnt doing it correctly… youll be able to call your assist.

Thanks-- I knew you couldn’t call assists while in blockstun, but I’ve always wondered whether you were able to call assists on wakeup **before **you could be put into blockstun. I didn’t think so (because you can’t do anything **else **during that time), but I’m glad someone verified it for me. Thanks :slight_smile:

One more question-- I remember reading old articles here on SRK saying that mashing lowered the amount of time you spent on your back before waking up (hence being able to mash out of Gamma Crush or the OTG after Captain Storm)… does anyone know if this also holds true to the OTG after regular flying screen combos? Because, if so, an opponent’s mashing could affect the timing on wake up games.

wasn’t mashing to wake-up faster only for that whole psuedo-flying screen thing caused by like… Captian storm and gamma crush?

lol what IS wake up pressure? sorry i’m a n00b