Wake up Rochester!


For those not particularly in the Rochester know, the usual fightan crew has been coming together every Wednesday night at RIT’s EGS meets for Guilty Gear/3S/SF4, and I’m actually hoping to get enough interest going to start some weekly ranbats!

I found all my capture equipment stuff, so we can even get videos.


Rochester, New York -- "That is a white ass menu..."

Phil! lol. Think you can just make posts on SRK and get away with it?

And I believe that’s Mike? What’s up guys.


You know I’m definitely down for RanBats at RIT. Lets get this shit going!


Guess what today is? thats right, its EGS night. If any1 is reading, swing by RIT campus and head to the SAU cafeteria. See you guys there


Who’s there? I was flying on a magic carpet…where’s the snooze?

GGs last night!


I’m going to be near the ROC for round 3 of that gamespot tourney. Whats good with playing afterword.


Yo Nunie! Definitely down for games afterwards-- I’ll hit you up in PM.

Also, good shit last night, Rochester! We’re actually cultivating a scene this is awesome. Results for the ranbat posted here: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?p=6284425

We need to stop sucking at this game so Gary can stop steamrolling everybody lolol

Speaking of which, meetup at my place tomorrow night. Thinking around 5-ish? I’ll be making some calls. If anyone has an extra TV+Xbox/PS3 please BRING IT. We’ve only got one, and waiting is a bitch.


Dude where the hell are you? I’m moving to Washington in a few months we need to hang out. Min said you are mad busy what is up with that.


Hey, all.

EGS isn’t meeting in the SAU this week and they are instead watching the Super Mario Bros movie in the basement or something, so no ranbat tomorrow.

If enough people are interested though I think a meet at Arena would be cool. Any takers?


ah thanks for the notification. Arena 51 would be fine. I can get some to come to Arena for some sf4 action. Think Ed and Abe are 1s that are gonna miss out.


Couldn’t let enough people know in time. :frowning:

Next week, then !!

Maybe Friday as well? I’ll make some phone calls tomorrow after I get my phone back from campus safety. D:


I didn’t get my phone back. D:


Ah that sucks dude. u know they totally just jacked ur phone, making hotline calls with it. well anyways, if any1 is free on sunday, Nam and a few of us are playing at Arena51, not far at all from RIT. Got an all day pass to save some money. we ran from 4pm till 11. (breaks inbetween to grab dinner). Luis was really looking forward to playing Gary.

edit: oh ya, just totally forgot. we were setup on the ps3 with some converters for our ps2 joysticks. if enough ppl are there, we were thinking of getting a 360 setup going aswell, to get more games in. just fyi.


Holler-- seeya there dude


RANBAT TOMORROW, DUDES starting at 9pm SHARP. So please show up before that because last time people were coming late and I had to keep shifting the brackets around and it was a pain in the ass.

I am hoping for two setups and SOUND. Also it will be seeded so maybe I will stand a chance this time lol.

I will also try to bring my capture stuff so we can get footage.

PS this is a shameless thread bump. WHERE ARE YOU GUYS


Yeah yeah yeah. 9 points!


alright guys, were getting pretty good turnouts from these meets of ours. Will and some friends from NJ are coming up tonight at RIT (or so he says). oh ya, any1 up for some rose ball matches? hehe, just got wind of it and sounds interesting.


Rose ball? What is that

Also, ranbat this Wednesday since we didn’t do one this week. I still have to post the results from the last one D: It’ll go up soon I promise.

you guys better BE THERE


YAY ranbats! Think abe got better from Sunday meets so should be interesting.

Ya roseball is when u play rose vs rose, and the handicap is set to lowest possible. Game is pretty simple: 1 person serves a fireball, and just reflect back and forth until some1 gets hit and dies. Theres a line you cant cross (best to use training room) and no EXs.


So how would someone who doesn’t attend RIT get in on these?

I have a 360 and a stick, but I can’t drive, either. :razzy:


Hey all, finally posted the results from last two ranbats: http://forums.shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=185197

I’m sucking so hhaaardd. Fuck mid-terms. D:<

Xerzec: all you have to do is show up and sign up (8:00 at the SAU every other Wednesday). A good number of people who already participate in the ranbats aren’t even RIT students, so don’t worry! Not a problem at all.

If you need a ride, I’d be glad to give you one with a little notice. Shoot me a PM we can exchange contact info or whatever.

We also have casuals at the same time on the off-weeks, and we meet at Arena 51 on Sundays around 4pm. We tend to get larger turnouts on Sunday since lots of dudes in the local scene aren’t free during the week, so if you want some comp it’s a great place to go.

Oh, also-- if you wanna bring your own 360 on Wednesdays that would be pretty awesome (this goes to anyone, of course). I’ve been bringing mine since EGS only has one and there’s no telling what they’ll be doing with it on any given day. Alternatively, I think someone should consider bringing a ps3. We have lots of pad players who aren’t quite at home on stick or on the 360 pad.