Wake up Rochester!

good advice! I should build around my best character and go from there instead of going crazy, not sure who that is but this game’s more fun when I’m uncomfortable.

bringing my copy of SCV tonight if anyone wants to try it out :slight_smile:

lol Gary “this game’s more fun when I’m uncomfortable” QFT.

I just bodied some high ranked Sagat on ranked just now like 11 straight, he sent me some messages and then trolling happened. Worthy of screenshots. This seems to be the only appropriate place to share 8-).

:eek: Nobody doing anything for the game this weekend? Lame.

I’m about to just set up a bunk bed at either Wings or Tully’s and be out for the weekend, LOL.

post them pics, dave. you know what i mean too. sf has you thinking several steps ahead. marvel has you thinking -1 step ahead.

hope to see u guys sometime negros!

I can’t get enough of your marvel bashing. LOL. Sucks that everyone in Rachacha is a dedicated marvel player. No wuv 4 SF no mo :shake:

Bernard still plays sf4. And not everyone is dedicated to marvel. But those of us that are, are more dedicated to that then the other people playing other games. Aside from my homie running wild on the kof swag, that is

Welp, glad ya’ll are some dedicated folk. I’m dedicated to turds too :wgrin:

Unless Syracuse really loves Marvel, you should fix that.

:rock: IT’S MAHRVA- I’m not even going to finish that.

I’m super dedicated to SF, though I’ve been plateauing so I’m just messing around in other games for now to kind of refresh myself.

:eek: gonnapunchyougonnapunchyougonnapunchyou

DON’T SLEEP SNOWgonnapunchyougonnapunchyou


Notice our points ^, that was our first game.

This is our 9th, lol


and the pic:

^ He took my advice and it made for a happy ending <3.

I get mad RESPEKT on PSN. Love mail ftw.

Yannick is the greatest friend I could ever ask for


yeah, plateauing sucks. I was plateaued/not doing well in AE. I took a long break and it helped a lot. I recommend taking a break, like you’re doing, but try not to focus too much on other games that you forget to think about your AE game.

Yeah it bites, cause I feel like I just got so good so incredibly fast and now I’m just…lilijaslfjhsdaflkjh!

For now I just study frame data a bit, goof around with my friends/troll other people in Endless and just practice combos in UMvC3, still have no idea how to play that game but the combos are fun to do.

My buddy hit a 4500pp Seth with a lvl 9 turn around punch, dirty bull and won the set by just gabbing the other night, greatest thing I’ve seen in SF in a while.

Sounds like one hella fraudulent seth.


@Matt - you should’ve been there for my example of how I’m going to make Vega in SCV with Voldo model.


P.S. - <3 Snow

Smh @ kitsuji…