Wake up Rochester!

:eek: Spoilers.

Street Fighter x Tekken


Dan does not die at the beginning of the game.

honestly, if we want more people showing up to our events, we are going to have to start doing some legit promotion.

i wanna go to seasons beating

wat. play first, feel the engine, train later.

btw you went to wheatland chili? must’ve been when i was living in scottsville.

hmmm just had something of a flash of brilliance… I need to learn dante pronto

never mind flash of blinding stupidity instead

bring that A game this thursday!

I like to know a few bnb combos before I play someone online.

If you’re talking about SFxT you should know what you’re dealing with. BnB combos = magic series into exchange, then the rest is improv. It’s really easy to learn ingame as long as you have some common sense/creativity and know your character’s specials and normals. Yeah, you might not be doing the optimal combos, but you’ll be doing combos that work and it’s more fun to learn in the heat of battle imo.

:eek: Gary hijacking Dave’s account. Too classy.

training mode monsters poppin’ off

What is this.

Akira in DOA5?

Whooping Kasumi’s ass.

I have temporary access to an Xbox 3shitty + AE2012. Anyone wanna play? 2012 is all I have for now, and I don’t have my own XBL account yet.

You should know what you’re talking about, SFxT isn’t marvel. You only do the magic series to exchange if you’re point is low on health, it’s a safe option to get you’re other character in while doing some damage. The best combos are links into specials then get some juggles in.

Magic series to character exchange to hitting buttons does almost no damage and I really don’t feel like playing all time out rounds.

Dudley looks amazing:

If these characters end up being DLC, who the hell is gonna pay for Blanka?

Damn Capcom.

I’'ll get the PC version thru illegit means, then I’m gonna mod Xiaoyu into Hotaru Futaba from Garou.

Also - lol

I’ll beat you with nothing but magic series exchange combos.

I smell money match!

Reminds me of the arcade days when a new fighter would come in and we’d all stand to the side while each guy practiced up his combos against the CPU.

Been playing this game all night, very fun. Here’s what I’ve learned.

You can’t chain light attacks into each other like in SF4, you can only link them together.

To hit confirm after lows or overheads, you must link into special moves or link into chains. Can’t magic series after overheads either.

Raw magic series to exchange are a risk for when you need a character to heal and have no meter. They do almost no damage, can’t hit confirm (unless you get a jump in), are unsafeish, and you get one special move or one link after the exchange launcher.

However, if you have meter you can hit confirm off of a link into magic series into EX, some will wall bounce/ground bounce leading to juggles or some will stay grounded then you can exchange into link and cancel into special, burns two bars.

Examples) Lili: cr. LK, cr. LK, cr. MK chains into st. HP xx whatever (EX, launcher, M or L specials)
Lili: F. HK (overhead), st. LP, chains into st. HP xx whatever

So basically, we were both right. You need to do a combination of links and magic series for your bnbs, exchanging also depends on your team and how much meter you have, and exchange launchers are useless if you’re looking for good damage but are great for getting you’re character out with no meter.

I’ve been up all night, I’m very tired.

:eek: I think Snowman said you’re free, Dave.

I’m inclined to agree. :smiley:

Anybody down for Blaz or Calibur tonight?

I will play both.

p.s. that akira doa video looked fly as hell. as weird as it seems from a tournament gamer perspective, it actually makes a lot of sense from a dev standpoint to cross the two series.