Wake up sand.

So i have basically learnt every cody move and combo and i have to say i think my cody is pretty good if i play seriously. But i can not do the wake up sand to save my life i have asked a lot of cody players on PSN and they told me that i have to wake up quickly and press up plus any punch button. Everytime i do that i just jump up in the air and throw a punch. Can anyone here give me some tips about doing it, i use a PS3 controller.

you have to do it WHILE you “quick” rise lol. cody has a move called “bad spray” where he throws sand in front of him while standing up. highly punishable and should only be done rarely.

he does it a few times in the video.

Thanks for the video man i will save that video and practice it when i get a chance.

It’s definitely a tool you want to have, but keep in mind that you should really have a reason to use it when you do. You want to use it when someone’s getting overly aggro with wake up pressure, and certain jump in situations, and even then you don’t want to use it too frequently. If your opponent is paying attention, chances are you’ll catch them with it once and the next time they’ll wait for it. That’s definitely a positive for you though, as it relieves some pressure from you, and keeps them guessing. But anyway, definitely practice it, as you want to get it down well enough that you can see opportunities to use it, and not have to think about pulling it off.

Instead of pushing down to quick rise, use the bad spray command. So when you can tech a knockdown and you want to dust, skip the tech and go straight to the dust.

I’ve been utilizing this more in my game, it REALLY helps people back the hell off you.

It’s surprisingly good vs Yun’s (and Yang’s, to a lesser extend) divekicks.

yea i really get annoyed when i play good Bison, ibuki, sakura and balrog players that pressure like crazy. I keep saying to myself god wait till i learn bad spray and that shit will stop lol.

If you’re going to use it, forget the command for quick stand, input the command for Bad spray instead (that is, up+any punch button). Do it just as you hit the ground, like you would have to do for a quick stand.

You can spam it, it works too (like it does for tech).

Well, yes, spamming the command from the time you’re airborne until the time you hit the ground can work too.

Up+punch right before/when you land. I had to look this up yesterday ^.^

it has its uses especially when you are cornered since it covers in front and back of you, but you will regret playing anybody that blocks or worse just focus wrecks you through it

Oh not anymore they don’t.

it doesn’t cover both sides. the hitbox from bad spray is actually rather bad:

hm, interesting,that hitbox sure is awful…

it usually covers a pretty good portion of your body when you are cornered and dealing with wakeup dive kick pressure at least in my experience

not saying its reliable by any means but against divekick-happy players it has some uses