Wake up stun gun VS meaty throws

does the thrower get eat up with 4 head butts ?

WHAT IF stun gun super is activated on the 1st frame of a throw start up .

example ,during SUPER FREEZE you can’t escape , the opponent raised his/her other hand trying to reach alex .

if it was ken , will alex succeed ?
i’ve never use stungun for many years :looney:

I think Stun Gun will beat anything on its ascending (going up) frames, so you should be able to blow through any meaty attacks/throws.

ascending frames ? do you have an example ?
well , to think of it . most people would not fucking do command throw (yun/yang/mak/hug/alex/Q) on a wake up alex who got a stungun ready to sprung upon wake up .

well what i like about stun gun is that if alex can air-parry those DPs … GGPO , St/Fr-f.chop XX stungun :smiley: .

another thing that bugs me , what if opponent parry alex’s close-forward and counter with a normal throw and alex quickly cancel it into stungun ?

most likely.

Ex. Say you Do cl.Mk on wake up agianst ken, ken does ume parry, then you xx into Stun Gun.

This will beat out, c.lk. c.mk. , Target combo, Shinpu jinrai (all tho that will wiff), but u might be able to dash up behind, or up in for a combo.

won’t beat out, lp. Srk(not sure tho cause he is invincble on the Acsending part but i think you will land on the other side), or j. anything.

agianst a good ken most likely if its mid screen they will do either, C.mk, or target combo.

Unless you are in the corner and they are on the ground ( i know wierd set up) then i could see the ume parry into Double Dp. it would be classic Daigo shit. But i doubt that.

so purposely abusing Cl. mk on wake up to get parried then XX into stun gun isn’t a bad idea.

NOte: this would be one of those Parry bait situations.

i think that he’s invincible in the jumping animation but i don’t know… haven’t played with stun gun too much… mostly SA2 and for some casuals SA1…


would that work with slash elbow instead of cl.MK?
sometimes i use that as a parry bait to xx into SA1/SA2 (mostly SA1 because ppl tend to not jump after parrying), but never tried with stun gun…

yeah it should depending on what character you are playing on and there reaction to the Elbow Slash.

let me do the what will work/ won’t table

1.) Hyper Bomb

WON’t work. Universal choices AGianst HYper bomb

*All Normal Lows, All normal highs

*All fireballs.

  • Grabs. Lp + Lk grabs, Or Command grabs that are Longer than 3 frames.

What will work Agianst Hyper bomb.

Universal choices.

Jump, super jump

Character Specfic.

All supers with less than 3 frame start up

Or supers that the character Goes off the ground then back. Ex. Brave Dance, Stun Gun, Etc.

2. Boomerang Raid. I believe this SA has a 2 frame start up.

What won’t work.

*All Normal Lows, All normal highs

*All fireballs.

  • Grabs. Lp + Lk grabs, Or Command grabs that are Longer than 2 frames.

What will work.

Sa with 2 frame start ups or less.

or Block which will cause the first hit of the Sa to Push them back.

agian this is Parry bait set ups.

from what i have Figured parry bait set ups with alex on wake up are most effective with either Stun Gun, or Hyper bomb, however boomerang raid is also good.

i would recommend trying the parry bait set ups with Cl.mK, cause if blocked you can cancel to Lp. Elbow slash which is safe. Unless they do reversal Shinpuu, which is a ken specfic match up situation.

Hope this helps. :lovin:

Also if you know I’m WRONG on any of my info, please let me know so that i can edit it.

boomerang raid is 3 frame startup (from the srk wiki)

i think that another good option after the parry bait would be EX knee smash (4 frame startup)…

MAYBE can do a dbl parry bait with elbow slash… elbow slash, (parry) cl.MK (5 frame startup), (parry), anything…

can’t find the link for frame data, but i believe that most of the throws are 3 frame startup… Alex throw is 3 frames…

Cant you meatyxxdash forward at super flash?

Im not sure what u mean, but if you are talking about dash canceling any normal meaty, then no u can’t.

anyway this thread is all thoery fighter, however there are some good set ups tho. best one i think is meaty cl.mk, or elbow slash xx Hyper bomb

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Dash-in stun gun works sometimes on wakeup usually they think you are going for the throw or standing MK > Flash, so they will either block, parry or counter throw, which usually gives you enough time for the Stun gun to grab. Once they see this they’ll prolly watch your bar so when its full just throw something else out instead. Basically Stun Gun is like a example of Alex’s whole game, guess right and you can get some big punishment.