Wake up tatsumaki?

Seen a couple of goukis do this to me. If this is a viable option sometimes should you use the forward or roundhouse version?

It’s not a bad option, since it has a ridiculously quick startup and there’s a lot of characters that can’t punish it without using a Super. Get predictable with it though and it’ll get parried.

LK isn’t safe, but MK and HK are fine for the most part. I dunno, pherai or another Gouki player could explain this better.

EDIT: I should mention Tatsu has no invincible startup, so expect it to trade against certain moves like Alex’s HP.

I use wakeup tatsumaki a lot. Probably too much. It works well but ya lack of invincibility hurts bad. I’m not sure if mk tatsumaki has slower start up than rh, but it feels like it gets stuffed more often, even against shit like short short, which sucks cause you can juggle after mk tatsumaki.

Mix up between your wake up options. You can wake up with all three different strengths of tatsu and demon flip. As well as wake up with teleport when cornered. You can also wake up with lp.dpXSA1 or just block. Just block is your best option as your wake ups tend to get predictable fast. However, your best bet is to not even get knocked down. Wake up tatsu is easily stuffed with a shoto cr.mk. So in the akuma mirror if your opponent is wake up tatsuing alot meaty cr.mk confirm into super or combo of your choice.

eh, lk tatsumaki has horrible start up. it can work as a wakeup, but only in very specific situations. it can be stuffed like 10 times easier than mk or rh tatsu

So I just looked up the frame data on the tatsumakis and it seems both the RH and forward version have 2 frame startup, so I’d be inclined to go with the forward, since it has some combo-ability. Is waking up with the demon flips really a good idea? I’ve never tried, maybe against people who want to parry your wake up attempt (arrogance) or if you feel a throw coming on?

Demon flip is a usable wakeup option in some situations, especially for escaping corner. Play around with it some and you’ll get a feel for when/how to use it in a wakeup situation.

Demon flip puts you in the air pretty fast for dealing with throws. Also one cool thing about wake up demon flip is if your opponent attacks you on your wakeup, but not meaty, and it hits you out of demon flip, if they tried a combo (like hit confirm to super) you’ll reset able to block their stupid move and get a full combo. Kinda risky tho lol.

I don’t know what it is, maybe hit boxes or something, but forward tatsumaki just seems to get stuffed more, so don’t say I didn’t warn ya