Wakeup and Corner Game

Hey SRK. I’m a bit of a scrub, haven’t been playing fighters for that long, and am getting clobbered on wakeup and in the corner playing Chun (SA2 obviously). I’m finding she doesn’t have a lot of options in these situations; it was especially apparent yesterday against Ryu.

Should I be using EX SBK more if he wants to meaty me up close?

That’s what I do when I’m cornered. It just instills into them the fact that I will use the ex sbk if I have to. Though I probably use it like only once per match lol. Otherwise, I’m a parry fiend and I’ll just try to parry most stuff >_>

Hmmm… a tough choice… EX SBK is a great wakeup, but unfortunately, its priority doesn’t beat out alot of stuff. I believe Dragon Punch Can stop it. I’ve been grabbed out of it once before with a Gigas Breaker (yeah, it sucks.) The list goes on. Instead, try wakeup karathrow or something like that. If they stay close enough, the throw will grab em. Otherwise, try a wakeup, get the hell out of there.

EX SBK beats a lot of stuff, not sure what you’re talking about. It’s priority doesn’t, but it’s invincible frames do. Nobody uses a dragon punch on someone else’s wakeup. (Unless, I guess, if you were expecting the EX sbk, in which case you could just parry 3 times and get a free combo…)

…Same with Gigas. Using gigas when they’re waking up? :confused:

random scrubs… :sad:

and no, i think one of us misunderstood. Kuprin, whose wakeup did you refer to?

Doesn’t a uoh beat out an ex SBK?

^ yup.

wakeup lighting kick is another good option.
im not joking either, try that shit. shotos love falling for it.
plus, its alot safer than EXSBK

QFT. Invincibility frames or no, Wake up SBK isnt always your best option. ESPECIALLY if UOH (which is obviously universal…) can knock you out of it. Consider this, you waste (yes, WASTE) 1/3 of a bar of meter, and your opponent presses two buttons, uses no meter knocks you out of it, and sets up an option select UOH super.

edit: personally, I mixup the wakeup with all of Chun-Li’s ex moves and Crouching RH. But, no matter the matchup, I’ll save ex SBK as an Anti air mixup instead. It really throws people off, especially if they’re parrying all of your HP and c.RH anti air.

REedit: If playing a really aggressive Ken player or something though, and they fall into some sort of Mixup pattern (insert generic Ken mixup.) feel free to ex SBK for guaranteed damage. Bait a sweep or c.MK or something and then punish freely. Just watch out for UoH as part of the mixup.

Yeah, I’ve been seeing a few vids lately that have (reasonably good) chun players using reversal EX HCB+K. Now, I know it’s invincible starting up, and I also know it beats out UOH, so I guess those three put out a pretty good mixup game.

Now I just need to learn to parry Denjins. :stuck_out_tongue:

to tell you the truth, I don’t think parrying denjin is the best idea. Unless you are on the verge of chip death or are FORCED to. Jump over it if you can. Because if you mess up that parry, you’re stunned, and that SUCKS against a good ryu, If you DO decide to go for Denjin, just keep a few things in mind.

  1. It’s fast. I’d say around the speed of Hadou Burst, but more than one hit parry when charged. Like Hadou Burst though, the first hit can be picked up pretty easily as long as you’re prepared for it. But if you misjudge, FREE STUN.
  2. The parries are fast. I believe faster than SA1.
    and lastly
  3. A fully charged Denjin is 5 hits.

It looks flashy to parry denjin, but it’s DEFINITELY not the smartest move to deal with it. As previously stated, unless you’re going for some style points or saving yourself from chip damage, just jump it instead.

uhh, you can’t block denjin…

LOL that was the most scrubtastic comment I’ve heard here in a while, Spanky. Trying to block denjin = eat denjin = STUN = dead.

Honestly It ISN’T that stupid to parry denjin. Question on roll recovery, though: what’s the timing of it, and is there a way to roll out away when you do it, or is it just press down on landing and you’ll go towards him?

Why I want to know is, as Chun if you can roll out away from him, he won’t have time to throw the denjin before you can super him.

Darn… trying to correct me like that. If someone falls for that, its all over for them… But seriously, its my bad. I got a lil confused. Lemme rephrase my self to lower the scrubtastic ness. Jump over Denjin. If you are playing a good ryu with good denjin setups, then you HAVE to parry it. Sorry for my mistake.

Roll recovery: press down and (I think away) as soon as you hit the ground, it’s possible to roll away. Take in mind, that Chun has the LONGEST wake up frames in the game (63?). Even with roll recovery, her wakeup takes YEARS. I would think a good Ryu player wouldn’t keep charging it if he saw the roll coming or a potential super. Can Chun super through Denjin? Because, if I was playing a Metered Chun, and she rolled back, I would just release the Denjin so she woke up on it.

Yeah, she can super through denjin, but if you release right you’re fine and she has to parry. That’s the shit I’m eating right now.

Honestly…everyone bitches about Chun. I’m tempted to start smacking people down with Alex again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep playing Chun. It’s fun to make people bitch.

Uh, yeah, you can reversal super to go through a denjin on wakeup, but that’s retarded. If you SEE it coming then go ahead, but trying to guess isn’t the best thing in the world to do, and if it’s a denjin after knockdown, that Ryu is going to be moderately close. Better idea is to fish for the first parry and super through the rest of it. At least that way you don’t waste any meter if you guess wrong.

Just keep in mind people hu hav meaties.