Wakeup FADC timing

When I try to do FADC defensively on wakeup, nothing happens the majority of the time.

Does there need to be a small window of frames where your character can actually begin the focus attack, as in the hitbox and hurtbox aren’t in contact right when invincibility ends?

Depends what character, Oni CANNOT FADC on block, E. Ryu can only FADC on the first hit of SRK, etc etc.

You mean a focus attack while you’re getting up? Unlike special moves a FA cannot be buffered, so you have to time it as you’re getting up instead of holding the buttons.

just use the visual animation as indicator when to use the FA. judging your opponents moves will also help to determine the timing, if they use a known meaty setup / safejump.

Yeah that’s what I mean. Are there situations where it just doesn’t work at all?

You have to be frame perfect to get it I think, and honestly you’re probably better off just blocking or backdashing.

That’s what I was beginning to think, I’ve seen people doing it routinely in videos but obviously they’ve put some time in.

This. The problem with most players is that they have a mindset that they HAVE to do something on wake-up. Sometimes you just need to block.

The level of ‘frame perfect’ varies depending on their jump in or meaty timing. If its a perfect meaty then it does have to be frame perfect - otherwise you get nothing, or a move both of which get beaten. It also may be hard to use against 2hit moves[ryus overhead for example] because you have to BD before the 2nd hit connects. Its most effective against vortexes that have a projectile to keep you in place[ibuki/akuma] or against a really high jump/block strings IF your backdash is really far[not cody]. Otherwise it runs into the same OSes that a BD normally would, with unscaled dmg to boot D: