Wakeup feels like a gamble when in my favor


So it is known that when you knockdown your opponent you are at an advantage, because he has to guess whatever you are going to do, but even so sometimes i dont feel like it is such an advantage at all. It is supposed to be a gamble for the people waking up, but it also feels like a gamble to me, especially against opponents that have shoryukens and moves of the sort. If I block and they dont do srk and simply back away I lose my advantage, if I try to srk myself and they block I get punished, if I try to throw I get a srk to the face, etc…

I feel as if it is as much as a gamble for me as for the opponent…


It’s probably because you’re playing Ultra Street Fighter 4. Try King of Fighters 13 or something, you’ll quickly notice that being knocked down is bad, bad news. USF4 intentionally made knockdowns pretty bad because people were crying about setplay (and Capcom couldn’t fix the unblockable setups).

Ultra also has pretty large rewards for waking up successfully compared to many games (many games usually just get you out of a bad situation instead of scoring big damage).

That said, there are setups that leave you safe even against DP type moves, ask on the character forums.


Against dp characters i generally try to block and punish, to train them to not do that so I can use normals or something else on wakeup…
Dont know if there are better alternatives…


Learn a safejump setup for all your most common ways of getting knockdowns if your char has them. Safejumps will block reversals with more than 3f of startup but if your opponent blocks you hit them and can keep up the pressure. Even against someone like Ryu with a 3f DP you can probably do something like a crossup which will connect if they block but cause the DP to shoot past you and whiff if they reversal. Basically just remember that even if your opponents options are scary he always has fewer than he would if he was standing so just try to put together setups that cover as many options as possible.

Also make sure that your punish combo even if it isn’t the most optimal shit in the galaxy does more damage than a counterhit DP so that even if you only guess right 50% of the time you still win out.


What do you mean by safejump?


A setup on your opponents knockdown, where you time your jumpin so that if he does a reversal, you will block or it will whiff, but if they decide to block then it will still connect so you can continue your pressure.

If you go to the character specific forums, there is bound to be at least 1 post dedicated to listing safe jump setups.


I get what you mean now. People have done that against me several times…


Online people won’t learn to not DP on wakeup. It’s just not going to happen :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to be patient and give them at least 4 times to screw up lol