Wakeup Frame Discrepancy


Ok so I was tooling around with option select meaty attacks and I found a discrepancy in the frame characters wake up. I tested with the same record on the whole cast using Ibuki crMP which has 7 active frames. I used the same record on the whole cast and did knockdown into meaty at the same timing to them all and found some random stuff.

The option select itself is sweep, HK dash, crMP and then buffer Tsumuji and then U2. Now if the opponent backdashes the attack whiffs so there is no special cancel and U2 comes out to punish the backdash or teleport. If they do something else meaty special canceled into Tsumuji… check the blog in a day or 2 and I will have the specifics of that down. It seems to have more broad applications then I originally thought

First off Sagat, Blanka and Cammy all rise so late the meaty whiffs.

Then Adon recovers fast enough to block the option select ultra after backdash… and that catches Chun. So either Adon recovers 2+ frames earlier then chun from Ibuki’s sweep or his dash is 2+ frames faster to recover.

I thought everyone was supposed to rise equally. SOMEONE HELP ME UNDERSTAND!!!


There was a thread going around for sfiv that basically listed cammy blanka and some others as rising a frame later than everyone else. I’m sure with super its even worse with so many characters. But, yes, not everyone gets up on the same frame, it sucks, I always end up whiffing my first throw on blankas wakeup and eating electricity or something else stupid.


I checked this out. My numbers this time are very similar to what I found in SF4. Therefore, I ignored the old characters and just looked at the new ones, or anyone old who was different, or anyone I play. Bad luck if that’s not someone you play, assume they are normal. They were when I looked in SF4, and I haven’t found any changes to those characters yet (having looked at 10 of them).

Post Ryu d+HK
Normal speed - Ryu, Honda, Sakura, Dhalsim, Claw, Boxer, Fuerte, Juri, Hakan, Guy, Cody, Deejay,THawk, Dudley, Makoto
1 Frame faster - Ibuki
7 Frames faster - Adon***
1 Frame slower - Sagat, Cammy
2 Frames Slower - Blanka

Post Ryu L2 FA
Normal Speed - Juri, Guy, Cody, Deejay, THawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Honda, Sakura, Boxer, Fuerte, Ryu, Cammy
1 Frame slower - Sagat, Claw, Blanka, Dhalsim
2 Frames slower - Adon
5 Frames slower - Hakan

****Checked this multiple times. Seems adon just gets up really fast.


I haven’t tested this, but I have been hit by Sakura’s many times when I trying to time a meaty on their corpse. I’m guessing Sakura wakes up fast.


Updated my post above. Nothing different for the old characters, a few variations for crumple after focus attacks for the new characters.


Also took the chance to look at Ibuki’s glitched wakeup. Ryu does d+HK on F1, then check to see how long until he can do another d+HK which will hit their wakeup at the earliest opportunity.

Dhalsim (standard wakeup) is F81
Sagat (1F slower) is F82
Ibuki (1F faster, so should be F80) is F85
Adon (7F faster) is F74

So Ibuki has an additional 5F of invincibility.


does anyone have a list of the cast of their wakeup timing? I swear fei wakes up faster.


it’s different for every character (and varies depending on the way you knock them down). for instance hakan wakes up 5f later on makoto’s backthrow than most characters, yet wakes up normally on every other knockdown.

generally though:


all wake up different from the norm.

counterhit knockdowns (eg. counterhit sweep) also seems to prolong the knockdown period.