Wakeup frames?


Is this list correct?
Face Down:
+2F: Blanka, Yang+1F: Sagat, Cammy, Gen
+0F: Others

Face Up:
-1 Adon +0F Others
+1F Blanka, Dhalsim, Claw, Sagat
+5F Hakan
I’m doubting yang somehow




I think you have Face Up/Down mixed up, the first list should be Face Up (the knockdown you get most of the time), the second list should be Face Down. Yang has regular (+0F) in the first list, Gen too. Gen is invincible on his first wakeup frame if you press nothing though, try it against a simple 4f safejump like Ryu c.HK, j.HK. When you record the dummy the j.HK will whiff, when you replay it and hold back Gen will have to block it because he loses his invincibility by pressing a direction or a button.

The lower list looks good to me, unless something was changed in 2012.