Wakeup meaty timing... I'm having trouble with it

I can’t seem to get it - I always, ALWAYS get punished. Can someone help or direct me to a video that’ll show me what the timing is and the proper execution?

I think it really depends on what character you’re using and who you’re fighting against, some more information would be useful. It seems some people use visual indicators or just throw out a couple punches to help with the timing.

Training mode. Set the dummy to record. Record the move you want them to do and then set the dummy to playback. Knock them down and practice doing your meaty and not getting punished for it. There isn’t a video to automatically teach you how to do this since every character has different normals and reversals. Use training mode to figure out your characters options. This is a really broad question btw, some specifics would help.

Don’t do it against shotos. Especially online.

I main Cammy and for the most part I try to use the following as Meatys:
Cr. HP
Cl. MP

I’ve read that meaty attacks usually won’t beat an srk…will it beat a wake up throw?

Meaty attacks will beat a wake-up throw, as well as wake-up jumping. Getting shoryu-ed out of a meaty isn’t a big deal if they can’t combo into ultra or something at the time. The amount of damage it deals to you is less than the amount of damage you can deal to them if they guess wrong and throw it out when you’re just blocking. Use bait-and-punish tactics vs psychic-DP’s.

Mix your meaties up with baits (moves thrown out a bit too early that will be safe from counter-attack), slightly delayed timing (not quite meaty), and throws. The ultimate goal is to make your opponent afraid to block and afraid to DP. Make them guess in a way where if you guess right you deal more damage or earn a superior position, and if they guess right their reward is less overall. This is where advanced tactics like option-selects will most often come into play.

If they do anything but block a meaty attack will hit them. Unless they do a move that is invulnerable on frame 1 such as a shoryuken.

Different characters have different wakeup timings.

I know. It’s dumb.