WakeUp Options

We all know by now that Makoto has sick games to play on opponents on wakeup. But wahappens wen the table are turned? im pretty much new to Makoto and 3S itself, and i’ve been having trouble on wakeups. What do ya guys think is the best option to go with?

low block switch to high if you see an over head. watch out for tick throws too.

Hell, there’s a couple things you can do here, if it’s a late jump-in, just dash under them, EX Fukiage Hayate Hayate, or just Karakusa if they’re expecting a parry =) If you have the meter to spare, EX Fukiage -> EX Fukiage looks pretty sweet too =) Although it only works on a few people. You get style points for doing this XD

Edit: The EX Fukiage bit only works on a few people too =P Certain conditions are: Some have to be attacking, while some (like alex -or was it hugo) can just be standing, sometimes it’ll trade hits.

Makoto doesn’t have a strong wake-up game =P Just parry Karakusa S.Fierce SA2 XD Some people have dangerous corner games, but if it’s just a simple shoto, one parry can mean their death =)

I always go for a parry like a dumbass, but who wouldn’t with a 100% stun combo…I always try to parry genei jin :slight_smile:
33% chance for 100% or go wrong and eat 50%…high risks high returns
but that’s just me

Your right this is the best option.