Wakeup, Shoryuken - E023 - Featuring MarkMan and FilthyRich


Today, we serve you a late cup of Wakeup with a nice talk to two of the VIPs of the Tekken world. Markman and FilthyRich join us to talk all things Tekken 6, leading up to the world’s premier fighting game event, Evolution 2010. Not a Tekken fan? Find out what you are missing on this great episode of Wakeup.


Great show once again, Idk if this has been asked or if this is the place to ask it, but is there somewhere I can download the Cup for use on my iPhone or just downloadable versions? I always tend to accidentally close the tab containing the podcast, and I have to find my place again.


Excellent show as usual, I really loved some of the things the guests were saying (make a character your own, don’t just copy…you’ll be better off). I’ve been searching for a place to download PAST episodes since I’m new to actually listening (only been a listener for about a month.5 or so)…is there such a place?

@ Saikyo Dan

You can download this weeks episode by clicking on the main story on the SRK frontpage. When you do it will take you to the actual page for comments and such. It will have a link that says ‘Direct Download’. Right click that and choose ‘save as’ then put it wherever you want on your computer. I do that every week with my Zune so I can listen to my morning cup on the go. :slight_smile:

Wish there was a show like this every day that I could listen to!



Oh awesome, thanks for the info, I should have tried that in the first place!


There is a Wakeup SRK thread in Fighting Game Discussion, stickied, that has an archive of old episodes for download. I update it every once in a while, in fact, ill do so now.


Oh thank you Keits. I just downloaded Ep. 15-the most recent one by scrolling through the news pages, thanks for updating that thread, I’ll go check it out.


How can i listen to this episode again? There doesnt seem to be a link for it anymore. Thanks