Wakeup, Shoryuken - E026 - Redrapper Drops By

If you watched Evo from home, or had the pleasure of attending the event live and in person, you were treated to Redrapper’s rhymes as he lead us in to each new game on finals Sunday. This week, Redrapper sits down with Ski and I to talk about Street Fighter and what it is that makes Redrapper and people like him special. We know there are a ton of you out there who are both good at and knowledgeable about the game, but have tons of other talents you can bring to the table. We salute all of you, and hopefully you’ll find a way to put whatever talent you have to work to build something for the community. Enjoy the long episode!

Now I usually don’t even post on here too frequently period but I did have to for this one. Redrapper’s vids for EVO this year were astonishing. I really enjoyed his work because it made me feel as if I was growing up again listening to quality hip-hop/rap and the vids were something that I would show my friends who aren’t into fighting games as heavily as me & would be intrigued by it because it’s quality work. Every game got what it deserved & the Melty one was really hype. I think this is just what the fighting game community needs to gain more exposure while keeping the feel of competition & history throughout all of the events in previous & future years to come, overall, this was one of the best podcast up to date & I’ve been listening to these since it was announced on the front page, keep up the work guys, it’s all greatly appreciated.