Wakeup, Shoryuken - E027 - Seasons Beatings in Our Souls


Hot off the heels of the big announcement, one half of the Seasons Beatings 5 direction team is stopping by the Wakeup studio to talk shop. Tune in to hear about all kinds of things to look forward to from this year’s Seasons Beatings, and be sure to keep your eyes on their thread for future announcements. Ski and I will see you all there this October! Enjoy the extended-length show, once again our gift to you for skipping out on you for a couple of weeks.


I keep trying people to refer to it as SB:R or Season’s Beatings: Redemption, since this year most people couldn’t remember the number – and now everyone calls it SB5!

GS, thanks so much for having me on guys. Always good to talk to you two. Hope everyone likes the podcast

Crap, I realize I left out NEC of our list of majors Team SB used to frequent. GS to Big E


Congratulations on another brilliant Podcast.:clapdos:

Having only recently stepped into the world of competitive fighting, I have found Wakeup, Shoryuken has not only increased my understanding of Street Fighter, it has additionally helped develop my passion for the fighting genre in general.


Just listening now, great as usual.

What really does bug me is how people think paying for game content that is already on this disc is somehow immoral or is some sort of scam. I can understand why some would think this but only because they don’t really grasp the concept of the software license and what they are actually buying when they put their money down for the game in the store.

When you buy the game, you are buying the rights to use the game and all its content as it is currently advertised i.e how it is described on the box/website etc. This is what you are paying for, you are not paying for everything that is on the disc, if there does happen to be additional content on the disc, you haven’t paid for the right to use it.

A piece of software isn’t like a beer, you’re not buying the physical code on the disc to do with as you please, you are buying a right to play that game as it is advertised. Nothing more nothing less.

People feel ripped off because they think they have paid for everything that’s on the disc.


What really does bug me is how there’s people that think this shit is OK. Charging extra money for stuff already in the disc is stupid no matter how you cut it.


Stupid is thinking you deserve something you haven’t paid for and everyone else except yourself should work for free.