Wakeup, Shoryuken E055 - What Makes a Top Player?

On this week’s daily cup, ski and I have FlashMetroid return to the show to help fulfill some of our listener’s requests. The top is a difficult question; what makes a top player? Of course, anyone you ask will have a different answer, and we started with Flash. Join us, and see what he has to say about Marvel vs Capcom 3 and more.

Great podcast. Flash is a cool guest and I enjoyed hearing his opinions on here as well as on cross counter ( Mike Ross, also a good guest you might want to have back) I was wondering who you guys would consider to be top tier right now. I know the game is constantly evolving, and with new stuff being found all the time, but I was curious who you guys would pick ( Phoenix, Dante, Wesker?) and if you guys any characters that are underused (Felicia, Joe?). Thanks.

Just fyi, the link on the front page is still pointing to the sent nerf episode. I didn’t even realize you guys did a show this week.