Wakeup, Shoryuken E058 - Ponder This!

Today’s episode is a must listen for all fighting game fans, as creator Tony “Ponder” Cannon joins us to talk about GGPO. What is it? Why do we love it? Why isn’t it being used in today’s fighting games to give us the best possible online experience? The answers to these questions and more await you in your daily cup. We spiced today’s vital fluids with some Evo and Phoenix talk, too. Hope you enjoy it.

[0:00] - Intro and welcome.
[2:35] - Ponder joins the conversation.
[3:48] - What is GGPO?
[6:48] - Questions about GGPO from the community, and ideas on why modern fighting games are not using it.
[58:16] - Questions about Evo from the community.
[1:08:40] - Game stealth patching and the Dark Phoenix.
[1:40:16] - ski and Keits read your comments from last week.