Wakeup, Shoryuken E061 - From the Heart, iloveu (LI Joe)


Wake the heck up with this week’s cup! Why? Because it is filled to the brim with iloveyou… Joe, that is. Long Island Joe joins us to talk about his history as a fighting game player, and then about his experience at the PDP National Mortal Kombat tournament last weekend. As always, enjoy!


Where can I listen to the old podcasts?

Edit: NVM I searched for the front page post


Is anyone else having problems downloading the podcasts on iTunes? If you follow the podcast url, http://shoryuken.com/external.php?forumids=323 , it leads to nowhere.


I just wanted to say thanks to Keits for all your work with UFGT and thanks to Skisonic and Ultradavid for their very entertaining and professional commentary!

Thanks again guys (and of course I love the podcast :slight_smile: )


Does Wakeup SRK have any sort of podcast feed URL? I’d like to add it into my podcast fetcher app on my phone but can’t seem to locate the podcast by title and can’t find a feed url.


I’m in the same boat - RSS feeds are for winners!