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E088 - Lingmassacre

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Does this mean we won’t be seeing you at the Wednesday sessions anymore Ski? Or will you occasionally do a podcast form them?


Podcast name: 2 coins, 1 slot

Also, I can’t access the podcast. Says that I don’t have permission to access the page.


Keits have you seen my three championship links because I seem to have misplaced them

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It should be called “10 Hit Combo”

for the 10 yr anniver.


I will be tuning in whenever I can.
I think the podcast should be simply called “Versus.”


Competitive Edge Podcast?


FADC - Focus Attack Dash Cast. :stuck_out_tongue:


Since Skisonic and you (Kiets) are the hosts, how about

“The Skiets Show”


“The Skieting Hour”.

Has a nice ring to it. :lol:


Real Talk: The Shoryuken Podcast with Keits and Skisonic


Nice podcast! I actually didn’t really notice the new tournament calendar on the front page, so that was good to hear about. Can’t wait for the zip code search option.


I like this one.

My feeble suggestions:
Keits vs Skisonic: New Age of Podcasts
Keits vs Skisonic: Millionaire Podcast
Keits vs Skisonic: Podcast of the Millennium
Keits vs Skisonic: Cross Generation Podcast
Keits vs Skisonic: Podcast All-Stars


I also like parabellum’s suggestion.

My suggestion:
Zero Lag: The Shoryuken Podcast


I like “Strongest Style: the SRK Podcast”

which is the name of a tournament but still its a great name.


How about! “SHORYUKEN!” The Pod Cast! in like a cool voice


Possible name for podcast: SKeeTSoniC


With the current slang definition of “skeet”…I think you want to avoid having that in the name.



Ultra Friends: The SRK Podcast.


Fierce Punch Podcast. Beats all other jump ins from lesser podcasts.Works as a meaty and reversal. Unless they are rocking that alphaism. Bunk style is too strong.

The fierce in the name will intimidate all other casts.

You could also call it Fist of the north star hundred crack fist. All about those hundred cracks. But yeah, Fierce Punch.


SKeeTSoniC: SRK after hours.

Go on. Take a load off.