Wakeup, SRK E043 - Giving People Buttons.

A day late, but hardly a dollar short. Wakeup SRK returns with an extra long episode you simply cannot miss. Our guest this week is non other than CvS2 all-star Steve Harrison. He has some crazy stories to tell, and some interesting thoughts on Street Fighter 4. As always, don’t forget to leave us a comment with your thoughts or any questions. Enjoy the show.

Hey Keits, don’t know if its been given out in a thread earlier but is there a link you can provide so people can add WakeupSRK to say iTunes or Zencast?

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God I loved the podcast. Amazing interview with a hella cool player. Been following your podcasts for 3 weekes now and I wish I started when yall first began. Many thanks gentlemen for you hard work.

Finally went back and listened to this, Steve was hilarious but also a prick at the end. Crying about a game he has no idea how to play. “I’m gonna body everybody!” Uh, no.