Wakeup, SRK E046 - 2010 Super Street Fighter 4 Year in Review


It is impossible to argue that Street Fighter 4 and Super Street Fighter 4 didn’t dominate the tournament scene this year. With 200+ person events happening nearly every month of the year, and Evo 2010 pulling in thousands of entries, SSF4 was the king of the hill with no challengers nearby. On this episode of Wakeup, Shoryuken, ski and I look back over 2010’s tournament results to see what happened, where it happened, and who we should take note of for their performances. Enjoy the episode!

Also, if you won last week’s contest and you have not PMed me your name and shipping address by January 1st, you will forfeit your prize.


Am I blind or is there no link to this podcast? I’ve been looking all over the site for archived pods and can’t find anything.


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