Wakeup SRK Episode 106 in MP3 format - Filipino Champ interview


Would have done this earlier if I had known there was an episode of Wakeup SRK since EVO (was it on the front page ?).

Here is the MP3 version


Just like the last 2 episodes I uploaded, this is an exact copiy of the stream audio, warts and all. That includes Ski’s Fisher Price internet and Comcast in general going down, and no Dhalsim Yoga’s to censor the curse words.

Ski said their working on the audio version for next week but Keits still says he’s too busy, we will see.

For now, enjoy.


I had to give up on WSRK, for some reason I could no longer get it to work on my iPhone, so I look forward to thhis :tup:

  • :bluu: