Wakeup SRK episodes 104 and 105, now available in MP3 form


We all know Keits has been busy lately, but I got tired of missing my daily cup, so I figure if you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

Here are the last 2 episodes of Wakeup SRK in MP3 format

Episode 104


Episode 105


Please note, these were ripped super old school by playing the shows on a laptop and sticking a mic to mic lead from the laptops headphone jack into the back of my desktops sound card, and then recording the wav files.

These shows are exact copies of the streams audio, warts and all including Ski’s Fisher Price internet going down on him more often then a dutch hooker, and no Dhalsim Yoga’s to censor the curse words.



Thanks man, I haven’t heard WSRK as much Id like to because of the stream only format.


Your welcome, and likewise.


+1. I use WSRK while doing my commute primarily, so much appreciated.


It’s not like there’s a section for the podcast or anything.

And yes I know you can’t post new threads. Check with Keits or something.