Wakeup States of Characters

Hello there,

I just read in one of the stickied threads in general strategy that Chun-li’s default wakeup state is crouching.

It feels like this would make the threat of overhead meaties like Dudley’s dart shot and Alex’s st. fierce more effective.

It would make sense to have this kind of “wakeup state” information for every character, but I’ve searched the forums and haven’t found anything. So if you know anything about it, post here.

Also, if I misread the post and everybody’s default wakeup state is actually standing, please post here.

basically, with every character in 3S, if you hold downback as your waking up, there’s one frame where the sprite will be forced to block high attacks. this also goes for high attacks that normally whiff on short crouching characters. the sprite is still at downback, but you’ll be crouch blocking moves that would normally whiff. this goes for every character except chun. its nothing more than that, you can try to work in some wakeup tricks around this.

Also, u can only land one high attack, so high chains like Urien’s lpxmp do not combo in this situation.

Alright, thanks guys, this is good information to have. I appreciate it. :wgrin:

Just learnt something new :tup:

i learned two things new :smiley:

This reminds me of some situations when I play, I guess this would somewhat be a good place to ask for an answer.

I use Yun, and some random times when I wake up and I do crouch block, and when others try to throw me, it whiffs. But according to that scenario, it’s suppose to throw me but it doesn’t. It’s not RIGHT after wake up, it’s like a split second after. Or does this happen any other times too? Eh I hope people know what I’m talking about…

Basically, throws that whiff but not suppose to.

Uh…that probably just means that your throw invulnerability (which you get on wakeup) hasn’t run out yet.

that’s why you see Remy’s throw high lovs at opponents getting up in the corner :slight_smile:

Seems like a quickstanding Necro can’t be hit by high attacks either.