Wakeup timings, throw invincibility, and other weird quirks of SFV

Couple of odd things I’ve noticed in the game I thought I should point out

First off, normal throw and command throw seem to not share the same throw invulnerability period. I tested this with Necalli and am interested to see if it can be repeated with other characters. If you do a move that cancels into V-Trigger and then a throw, it will connect if you were left at +3 or worse. This would mean that you get 1f of normal throw invincibility. However if you do a move that leaves you at +6, his command throw will not connect at all, not even on the second active frame (and I’m not sure if the first active frame whiffing counts as being used up or not), but a move that is +5 will hit. This seems to mean that there are 2f of command throw invincibility.

The other thing I’ve seen bandied around is that wakeup timings are universal. I just tested this with Necalli against Laura using his LP Command Grab which leaves you at +0 on quickrise. Against R.Mika’s st.lp (3f) you trade if you put out a st.lp of your own. But against Laura’s st.lp (3f, tested this to make sure) you counterhit her. You can also beat her reversal’s armor with a 3f move despite claims that the armor starts on frame 3. So I’ve concluded that she wakes up 1f slower than standard.

Any other oddities or explanations you’ve come across?

Hmmmmmm are you sure your timing wasn’t off?

Well I just redid your necalli command grab test. This is what I got

Midscreen: after the command grab necalli’s jabs (st, cr.) will whiff if no button is pressed. However if an opponent presses a button then it will be a trade (depending on the jab range of characters, some won’t even reach thus far) hence why this trade occurs. Necalli is already on the 2nd active frame of his jab by the time the opponent’s jab comes out thereby getting a trade. (This happens with both mika and laura).

Corner: Same thing, EXCEPT necalli beat the jabs clean with a CH jab every time easily.

Bottom line, distance can vary in things.

Not a distance issue, and this was done in the corner. Did you do both R.Mika and Laura to compare? Since they should be connecting on the first active frame; I did cr.lp on R.Mika which does not move forward her hurtbox at all until active, same with Laura. Regardless, the frame data Dantarian mined says that LP Grab is +0 on block, which means it should by definition not be able to counterhit

I did standing jabs for both (laura doesn’t have a 3f cr. jab only standing.) And I was getting free CH’s in the corner all day. Midscreen I just was getting trades.

Just went back and retested it; going to label this one down as being “bad execution and misremembering the frame data”

Also had an idea as to the other one and I think I found it. Turns out that the dummy doesn’t actually swap guard on “first attack only” so you can guard break it with a low. This does however confirm that the game considers a throw that connects with a throw invulnerable hurtbox to “connect” and thus its next active frame whiffs. Thanks!