Wakeup with Flip Grab

I have been trying to use the Flip Grab as a wake up option, but I have not been able to pull it off. Hugo has his 360 move, which owns anyone standing close to him when he is on the ground, much like the original Zangief SPD.

Now is there any secret to doing the same with Yang using his Flip Grab? (HCB + K) and which version of the kick should I use?

I think the startup frames make it not that good for a wake up(not too often anyway). I don’t know that the strength makes much of a difference but I would guess lk. As far as timing goes do the motion while you’re standing animation is still going and the lk as soon as possible. Training mode for your timing…

Are you trying to use it on peoples wake up?

If they have EX stocked, its not wise to do it anyway. If you know you’re opponent is going to block on wakeup. Its okay sometimes, however if your opponent knows you’re going to grab on wakeup. You’re pretty much fucked.

I am not using it on ‘peoples wake up’?

I mean when I am on the ground and waking up and the opponent is standing close to me. I have seen plenty of that happening to Hugo and he just does his 360. I have been trying to do the same using Yang’s Flip Grab, but I seem to get hit out of it or just miss for some reason.

Grabs are shit when you are waking up.

How about Hugo’s 360? I am not talking about just throws (LP+LK) but command grabs.

if you play (good) people enough you’ll find out rather quickly how (un)useful wakeup command grabs are.

i think.

unuseful isnt even a word

disuseful? not useful.

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Mmmm… does the same go for Hugo’s command grab? 360 + P

If you’re fighting hugo, I’d advise against it because you’ll get Gigas’ed or 360’ed. So just jump back fierce or something.

No secret to doing hcb k. And you might as well use the roundhouse version.

Do you mean you do zenpo when you are waking up from otg or when the opp is waking up? The KO vs Inoue video, KO did teleport then zenpo as Ken is waking up from a knock down, he did that like 2 or 3 times in a row, maybe even 4.

Yeah, but that can be risky sometimes, if they catch onto what you are doing.

If you’re gonna commit to a grab on wake-up, use a throw. Zenpou tenshin has too much startup and it’s only good on your opponents wake-up and maybe after a whiffed dive-kick, although I would recommend a regular throw after that too. Really, zenpou tenshin shouldn’t work at all on Yang’s wake-up.

Gigas can be used with Hugo on wake-up because it’s much faster. It actually does a lot of damage too, so players tend to jump on Hugo’s wakeup to avoid it. Nobody is ever gonna scared of Yang’s command grab on wakeup. So yeah, stop doing that :wink:.


Are you playing 5 year olds?

If your gonna wake-up grab,use SGGK.

How do you do FLIP GRAB with SGGK?

Hugo’s SPD has 2 frames of start-up and a lot more range. The Twins’ command throws have like 7. You can’t use it like that.

Thanks, this is the kind of input and information I was looking for. I guess Yang doesn’t have much options on his wake up. Is he better off just avoiding getting hit/thrown on wake up then try to attack?

here ya go noob

read the video description

what times are you on ggpo?