Wakeups n such

After looking back on the games i’ve recently played i noticed that most of the damage i recieved was off of wakeups…meaning, everytime i’d be getting up from a knockdown i’d either be hit by an over-head or a c.mk into a combo. i try and do a dp but i just get confused with the timing of when to do the actual wakeup uppercut. what am i doing wrong??:wtf:

Block first on wake-up. You can’t dp sometimes if you are hit by a meaty.

on wakeup you SHOULD be lowblocking most of the time. And dont go for parries or anything either unless you really have to or “just feel it”.

…but ok. With akuma, a lot of times i whore out roundhouse hurricanes on wakeup though its kinda risky. Reversal timing teleports (basically a wakeup teleport) works alright too, though if the opponent knows what he is doing he can super you through it.

Thanks for the info guys.

Check the anti KEN FAQ cos there was a large and boring section on wakeup strategies.