Waking up against ken

allot of kens like to alternate between these options on chun’s wakeup:
1)low short, standing jab throw/dp x2
2)low short, low jab , jab dp x2
3)defensive jump back roundhouse
4)straight up jump roundhouse

crouch tech beats: 6, still lets you parry 4
but does it beat/tie with: 1,2,3

exsbk beats: 1,2,6
but does it beat/tie with: 5,3


well no fucking duh.

So the lesson is, always do the same thing?

Kara Throw…

Guess Parry

but what actually happens with crouch tech vs. ken’s low short?

i find hitting the opponents start button while he’s moving in is most effective…

not exactly, the idea is to basically have an anti throw option that is also safe against the most other wakeup options depending on what you observe the ken player likes to do.
the reason i want to know if crouch tech beats low short is that then you could tech the throw if they throw, stuff the short if they short and then react accordingly. BUT if they jump straight up RH that you could stand up and parry it if the low jab from the crouch tech misses.
similarly exsbk seems to beat most everything except for a crossover or vertical jump RH but most ken players go for either defensive RH jumpback OR straight up depending on how safe they are playing so i wasn’t sure if exsbk is safe against defensive j.RH.

kara throw is great if they are standing at low forward distance or something, but if they have momentum and maybe threw you 2 times and you suspect another but don’t want to get jacked up from it in case they were just trying to get you to open guard.
can you option selection down parry into crouch tech fast enough that if they try to throw on your wakeup youll tech but also parry a low short?

I mixup between wake-up SGGK and blocking … blocking most of the time though. If your pretty positive they are going to throw wake-up s. RH works well sometimes but ya … block as getting hit by a 1, 2 chain into shit hurts.

[EX?] SBK is vulnerable from the top, UOH beats it clean, so I suspect a jumping attack like backwards jumping HK will do the same. Perfectly timed MP from Ken should beat SBK since it’s only invulnerable on the lower half of Chun’s sprite, as far as I know.

Don’t get too caught up in broad, hypothetical tactics. Then you might focus on doing one move that beats “number 1, 3 and 6”, when you could have responded with a direct response. But I see your point, but it’s not all that practical, in my opinion.

what’s crouch tech?

^ down parry

anyway b.HK if not a block or EX SBK

i guess its a confusing term cuz maybememories is right that crouch tech can also mean down parry. but i actually meant when you crouch and hit throw inputs, it makes it so that the low jab comes out instead of a throw whiff BUT if they throw you the throw input will make it tech the throw.
its pretty good!
don’t use it too much if your opponent parries because then instead of a throw they will option select parry and super you.

i’d like to add this though, if you are against a character that has to dash in to throw (most of them) you should probably just look for the dash and try to low forward it.
ive been trying to get better at this, but im just starting to look for the dashes.
i have a theory that one of the reasons kuroda is so godlike in japan is because he punishes dashes so hard, harmonaz said he was getting 360/720ed on his dashes against kuroda’s hugo.

Yes I saw some of Kuroda’s vids and stopping dashes was one of the key things in his gameplay. He doesn’t really punish dashes, it’s more like he punishes u if you try to do any move after the dash and forces you to just block or else eat a big combo (which ultimately shuts down dashing).

I think with Chun it’ll be better to use close s.hk since that comes out faster than c.mk and u can also confirm into super with it. The c.lp is also good, but it doesn’t have the ability to punish opponents as hard as the close s.hk does.