I don’t know if anyone else here has noticed this with Urien, but you can walk forward, low fierce (1 hit) xx headbutt/kneedrop. It has to be done after a full charge partition so for example you can do jump up (charge), dash towards (charge) and then walk forward about a character length and then do low fierce xx headbutt/kneedrop.

The thing I want to know is why can this be done? what is the reason behind it? Is there some sort of window in which the charge is still accounted for even when Urien is just walking forward?

I dont know what you actually call this, I just came up with the name ‘walk-charge-partitioning’ even though thats not really what it is because your not charging during the walk. I have not managed to do it with tackles btw.

Does anybody else use this? Its quite useful.

Well, this is just charge partioning. If you charge, dash and charge; you stop charging for a short time (double forward input). You lose the charge after about 1 second. For instance, you can charge, dash twice, charge down and do a headbutt. You can also walk back, walk forward, walk backward and crush.

i use it sometimes. I find walk towards > tackle/headbutt really useful but still hard to get good rewards for against better players. After cr. forwards i tend to do that sometimes.

I don’t really know what it all depends on but i think its like what latoucheF7 says.

So your saying after a completed charge (through partitions) I still have a window of time where I wont loose the charge? I see how this probably works then, because I only walk forward for about 1 sec, but obviously I have not lost the charge and upon inputting the down command for the low fierce, my charge is still there. Fair enough :tup:

I saw a vid of messatsu . He kinda did a sequence of quick crouches and then dashed back to bait in a jump and did an ex head butt…how does that work?

Messatsu Yarou just cheats :sad:

That’s right. ^^

Instead of splitting the charge between dashes, he did it while he was standing I guess. Which video are you talking about?

it was messatsu vs. mmm…I believe messatsu’s urien was red

it seems rx use it in his video to realize imbloquable

I saw RX do(vs. dudley):
d.FP,RH crushxx feirce aegis, RH crush, then he dashes forward twice, feirce head butt(crosses up dudley while he’s laying on the ground) and then pushes dudley into the reflector after he gets up.

How do you dash twice(or maybe it was 3 times…woah)and then headbutt…how much time must you charge for???

I’ve never seen that myself, but I would imagine that you have to setart charging at the very end of the second tackle because otherwise you’ll have charged too long if you charge while doing 2 dashes. The reason it’s so easy to headbutt over after one dash is because the amount of time you have to charge is perfect, whereas I believe two dashes would be too long of a charge.

…That is just impossible.

By the time you do TWO dashes and then headbutt, Dudley would probably have gotten up by then.

After the reflector, it’s tackle, dash, fierce headbutt, dash -> f+forward or forward tackle.

You do it by charging for the tackle while reflector comes out, immediately tackle after super flash is over and go from forward to down to charge for the headbutt, dash and hold down as soon as possible, up+fp just a bit after the dash is done, hold in the direction you’re going with the headbutt, dash towards reflector and immediately hold back, wait a moment, towards+forward. Yayyay unblockable.

I’ve managed to do like j.rh and charge back like soon as you jump and then walk forward and then lk tackle or whatever you prefer. This was by mistake but oh well. Nothing spectacular.


Actually, you charge between the dashes. Instead of charging the “1st” part as you’d do for a standard dash > headbutt, you charge somewhat less and then charge between the dashes. I’ve been trying this a lot recently and it’s really not that hard. Only problem is to find effective uses for it… But basiclly it’s…

charge > dash[charge db] > dash[charge db] > whatever

just… GET it

I’m not talking about the AR-setup. I’m just talking about the whole dash twice > whatever partition.

for dash charge twice>headbutt, the time for your first charge is a little bit more than urien’s standing mp. So u can try standing mp, charge db immediately, release charge until standing mp’s animation is done, dash charge twice, then headbutt.

This is exactly right.