Walk UP cammy?



HOw do you zone out or beat a walk up cammy?

She walks up wait for you to swing starts with the fp fp fk string if you fall down she does a dive kick from air and I can’t anti air it? Im keep getting beat by this I think its dumb. they hope for grab or blocked fp to guard crush. Its so basic whY can’t I can’t get past it??? I try out poking her and jumps in.


hmmm. outbeat a pokin cammy? wat groove/s are u usin mostly? cuz if usin blanka, rc ball, or rc electricity. or u can do ur pokin wit cammy :D.


I use Bison/Rugal,hibiki,ken I try to match bison up with cammy. A groove.


hmm a groove bison vs cammy… uhhh, all i do is jes rc short scissor kick. if u hav full meter, wen u see and opening, activate sliding hk, hp, whiff lp, (sj.HPx2)xN [depends on how far u are from corner] then paint…


against the fp,fp,fk string u can actually hit her out of it with ken
after the 2 fp, u can DP her out of the fk


Ok thanks sometimes I get hit with a “counter hit”