Walking 720 and 720 shortcut in ssf4

I searched walking 720 in advanced search but the results i came up with weren’t what i was looking for.

For as long as i’ve played street fighter, I’ve always done the full two 360 circles buffered in the air or from a move that has a lot of frames.

Recently, I’ve taken interest in E Honda and I’m trying to learn ways to land it off of FA dash or even HHS FADC (hundred hands cancelled into dash into ultra 2 ala mike ross)

I’ve scoured the honda forums a bit, and one input that a person was showing was: fadc F,F,DF,D,DB,B,UB,B,DB,D,DF,F + PPP (in essence a yoga flame, then the reverse motion except with an UB added in between).

Does this really work and if so, why does it work? I’ve never really understood the minimum inputs for the 720 command. Can someone explain how it works? I understand there is no need for U, but how about the UF?

Also, i heard something about vangief doing a walking 720 at EVO, (supposedly not buffered by a jump or by the active frames of a poke) how do you do this?

Sorry, I’m looking for a really technical thread regarding this and if someone could provide a link I’d appreciate it. I’d put this directly inthe honda forums but not sure if it would go there.

James chen actually broke down what vangief does, you might be lucky and find a youtube vid of him explaining it during vangief’s matches.

Also try the zangief forums, i’m sure they have somewhere in there explaining it or at least somebody in that forum that would do a good job explaining

Honda isn’t really a good example since his Ultra 2 has a 1 frame ultra


At 2:44 you can see how Vangief does it. The commentary doesn’t help too much, but at least you have a visual.

No it isn’t.