Walking back/forth on opponents wakeup

I see everybody doing this and then more often than not going for a throw attempt… is this just a simple way of trying to block if they wakeup with something, then parry if they throw something out, while throwing if they do nothing? I always attempt it with that mindset but nothing comes to fruition in my favor, so I wonder am I wrong thinking that? What’s the point?


you do it right out of range so they whiff throw and you can throw them.

Yeah. You walk back and forth to make it appear that you are within reach of a throw. You watch the whiff, then you punish accordingly. Also, that walk back/forth style extends to footsies as well. Watch a Chun vs. Chun match, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Or hit them with something else like cr.mk into super.

Yeah, it’s a big part of Yang’s game. He loves it when you whiff stuff so he can cr.mk EX mantis your face in.

yeah well

i play urien

Sorry, cr.hp > tackle > super > ultimate death

The whole walking back and forth when an opponent is knocked down also makes your opponent nervous, 'cause they don’t know what you might do on wake… Walk-up throw? Meatie attempt? Bait? Psycho effect :slight_smile:
Well, they never do know, but quick moves seem to throw them off more.

necro: b.forwardx strong hookxxsa3

Throw baits are top tier.

it has to be timed right though ?
i think its best if you dash - not walk ?

is it dash back split second AFTER theyre knocked down ? Kens have a tendency to srk, not sure what the range is for a safe throw/srk level.

Tried this a bit today , worked like a charm ( since my opponent loves to throw when im close after knockdown ).

Ken SRK however , has very little horizontal range , most ppl dashes should handle it. But then again , with characters like Yun , you cant dash back , cus it goes way too far. And you cant walk back against say chun li ( if she somewhat anticipates it ) due to Kara-throw possibility.

Anyways , its a nice mixup , but so is dash pack punish ( with other things than throw… ) :wonder:

you realize by hovering properly you are option selecting against things like srks and wake up jabs. dashes are better for characters like makoto who have awful walkspeeds.