Walking Cr,MK xx Fireball


Hi there quick question

is there some special technique or method i am missing here to stop dragon punching when applying pressure.
this happens way to often when i try to walk forward and MK into fireball.



end at uf for the fireball motion.


Does that work in SF4? I’d think you’d have to make sure you go neutral before inputting the qcf.

OP, make sure you specify what game you’re talking about. I’m going to assume SF4 since you did say MK and because Ultra just came out…


There’s no other way than to ensure there’s enough time between the first and second forward input. SF4 doesn’t allow you to override the shortcut like KOF13 does. A common way to add time is starting the fireball input from downback and pressing punch when at upforward (Bonchan for example does this). Apart from that, there’s nothing. You’re too fast, you’ll always get a DP because the game design is stupid.


Most of it is dependent on your hand speed, as doing it TOO quickly or too sloppy will result in wlak up cr.mx x uppercut. But typically there are two ways to go about this:

  1. walk forward, go to neutral, then do down.mk x fireball. Going to neutral helps sort of “reset” your previous inputs, plus slows down your hand speed, to ensure more accuracy. It’s how I do it, and it works pretty well. It also makes your inputs much cleaner without adding in too much unnecessary motion, unlike the second method:

  2. Walk forward, then go to back, down.mk x fireball. Basically, you’re doing a half circle motion forwards. Also artificially adds in more inputs to give the game time to sort of refresh your inputs and help give you a fireball instead of an uppercut.

But beyond that, practice, practice, and more practice, will be of the most benefit.


Read what everyone said and then do this. Just go to training mode and set the dummy to “all block.” Then keep doing it until you get a feel for how long the buffer lasts. This is best. Adding motions can help you use up some time, but they don’t keep the dp from coming out. Only time does. Learning the timing of the buffer is invaluable, though. It allows you to do a lot of other things. Once you learn it you can “buffer.” This is when you do things like a fireball, dp, or ultra/super motion but don’t press the button right away. You wait to see the opponent do something(or not do something). Like, assuming you’re playing Ryu, once you get super you can punish firbealls. You can buffer the super motion when you think your opponent is about to throw one, but then only press the button to activate the super on reaction to seeing their fireball start up. If they don’t throw their fireball before the input buffer has expired you don’t press the button. It’s important to learn how to do this, and you can’t, until you learn the length of the input buffer.