Walking foward+lp in sfxtk

is there a way to counter this tatic in sfxtk so far ive seen cammy do this and raven

If you’re certain that they’re going to do it, you could use any of your long reaching pokes to stop them. Or go for a sweep, but it depends on the character you play.

Backdash and if they whiff, punish.

The problem with the light punch cammy and a few characters have is that it has a 3 frame start up making it difficult to punish without them getting a counter hit, particularly if your in blockstun from a previous light punch.

So basically your options are:
Block more - stops the damage but doesn’t solve the problem
Use your own quick startup move- Warning!!! don’t do if your already in blockstun.
Backdash - good option… just hope they dont OS sweep you but at least your out.
Invincible startup moves - ex shoryuken and such.

Get to know what you characters can do to deal with this.

Are people OSing backdashes? I’m yet to come across anybody, but your point is valid. Perhaps block the string and then when they pause react?

There is no reliable counter outright, especially if you’re in the corner. Your options are going to be specific for your character.

Some characters have some kind of special move that have invulnerability frames up to or into their active frames. Take advantage of big reversal windows and mash that out, though it won’t be safe if they suddenly decide to block (Thems the breaks). Characters that lack that kind of move usually have something else. Heihachi has his counter, which nets you a full combo afterwards.

Every character also has access to Cross Cancels, which you can perform by pressing :f::hp::hk: during blockstun. All of these act as an invincible reversal. Almost all of them have extra invulnerability leading up to their active frames so they can’t be stuffed. Certain characters will get a guaranteed hit from this. The problem is you need meter.

Worst case scenario, you get knocked down in the corner. This happens a lot against Rolento. Roll Forward. When they go to pressure you again, block the first jab, then backdash. Since your back isn’t against the corner, you should be able to get away depending on your character.

As far as I can tell, you can’t do walking jab strings and OS against backdashes at the same time. Well, you can, but your string will end as soon as you try to do so (If they just block instead), which is unsafe on block in most cases. O:

Thanks for the reply!