Walking Ken kicks ass

Fuck jumping with Ken and barely dash guys. I have come to the conclusion that walking around with Ken owns everything. It’s really all you need.

Think it depends on the situation cos I quite like his overhead combined with combos afterwards. But in deed Ken is quite strong even he keeps on the bottom - his wide range Kicks (good anti-air) and his easy to connect combos really can control the opponent.

It all depends on the opponent you’re playing.

Naw, you should never never need to jump, MAYBE and that’s a big maybe if you’re in cross up forward range, or you’re doing the 50/50 cross up, but other than that you shouldn’t ever jump. It’s like when noobs play footsies, and they get impatient and don’t know what to do so they sweep. =( Still though, I have to admit that I am guilty of psychic sweeping to, but belive me, it just fucks you. Stay on the ground. Correct character spacing in/out of their face and movement without dashing is a lot more misleading than dash tricks. Check out Spellmaster J Ken, he walks all day. The most important thing is, be patient, no jumps, no psychic low forward into super, no sweeping. If you can control the match via walking, and never bitch out by doing any of the above, you ALWAYS have momentum.

not dashing is top tier! It SOOO CHEAP! They should Ban non dashing Kens from tourneys. . .

its THAT good.I personally am Heinously guilty of sticking out the shoto sweep a bit to often its just so mmmm when it hits.

Explain how not dashing is trickier, I don’t really get it. Your throw attempts are obvious, jumps do have their place in limited uses, blahblah.

Wtf? Jumping is great. So is dashing. That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. You’re basically saying “let’s not use Ken’s best assets and suck Jap cock”? And I’m sure you were “inspired” to post this after you some your fave Jap player do this.



Walking ken owns everything… walk up, SUPER.

omg he knows…

Ken doesn’t need to dash, thats the point. He has a strong enough poke/footsie game to not need it. Just walk around its SAFER thus better. the safer you are the better right? no one just jumps at Ken while hes standing around. Why? ShoRyuken thats why its just not safe.

So Be safe its good for you

wtf? u dont jump at ken cause he has shoryuken? ooook. ken has top3 dash in the game.

The Quote came from SF2 which I play alot of.

But my point remains you do not NEED the dash. I Dont care if it is literally the best dash in the game you do not need it! He can walk just fine.

yeah ok buddy…and makoto doesnt NEED her kara. whatever.

Ac tually she does thats a differant matter.

But really Why does ken NEED his dash as opposed to walking there?

Wow, this really helped a lot, my game improves a lot by walking a lot. I dash only to make up a bit of space after a b+throw. And where can i see Spellmaster J Ken?

The reason you shouldn’t jump at Ken is because you’ll give him a free dp combo. And if you’re parry happy he’ll get you at the ground. Now for the walking thing: by watching the pros I already saw walking was the best option. And I started to notice that when I don’t dash around like an idiot I will get hit a lot less. So the only moments when I dash basicly is for retreat and getting in range when the opponent is still in recovery.

Man wtf is this walk talk. Dashing gets u upclose. If u dont dash or jump, u will most likely be focused on punishing whiffs with c. forward and c. rh, correct? So, ur basically limiting ur game to footsies with no close game whatsoever unless u score a knock down. So that basically eliminates any attempts at ever getting in off something other then bad footsies on the other guys part. So, its basically like turtling and relying on ur opponent fucking up instead of taking the initiative.

Not only this, but walking Ken is severly limited against a lot of characters that cant even punish him well for dashing or jumping. So its basically like limiting urself just for the hell of it. Limiting Kens ability to adapt. For what? Walking Ken was prolly used against Chun Li or another Ken, because they have the random c. forward factor. Don’t take everything u guys see teh Japs do so literally and universally. Think for urselves ffs. :xeye:

because at certain distances, walking will not enable Ken to capitalize on certain situations.

just on throw games, Ken’s dash plays an integral part. sure you can do c. short -> walk -> throw, but after that, what else? dashing (whether its towards or away from) brings a little umph to the table.

say you do that c. short again. if your opponent thinks you’re gonna throw, odds are he’s gonna attempt to tech the throw. here, Ken’s dash comes into play. just back dash, watch the poor soul whiff a throw -> c. forward xx Shippu :lol:.

say you’re zoning someone and you wanna get in quick for c. short x 2 xx Shippu or even just to throw, dashing again makes it easy.

say you hit your opponent with an anti-air s. jab. if you’re playing your cards right, you’re gonna wanna pressure the fella. walk? HELL NAW! dash in baby! Geese told me how paulee owned up in Toronto just by doing stuff like that. the s. jab -> dash would confuse peeps 'cuz apparently, paulee would come up front or wind up behind the opponent. so it’s hella difficult to defend against. can’t do that by walking, yo.

but whatever :lol:.


This has all to do with SA3 that most Ken players use: poke hits, SA3 follows. If he would dash in he would be the one getting the counter attack and suffer the consequences. Dash is usefull, for things like anti whiffs, you can dash in for a free grab. Or he’s charging his supermeter, in which you can dash in between punches, poke//combo and SA3. Also: his c.MP has terribly high priority(you can instantly halt makoto), so linking that into SA3 also gives a good reason to walk instead of dash.

don’t mean to talk about other characters… ryu can be deadly if he just walks too with his ex fireball games…

yea ken is fine just walking maybe one dash per match just to throw em off hehehe