Walking Lightning Legs!

Hey guys, Ryan here. I wanted to put this up because it seems like a lot of people don’t understand how Lightning Legs work. Well the partitioning part anyway.

Why learn this?

Lightning Legs are great because they are very safe and will beat single option parry’s. Not to mention that you get great meter on hit or block!

Myth : Just press the button 4 times and then you can wait to press the fifth one and Lightning Legs will come out.

Truth: Well this is only partially true. You see, LL has its own separate gauge that you cannot see (regular charge moves have this invisible gauge too!). Constantly throughout the match, the gauge is going from full to max from to full max full to max and so on. Once your gauge gets empty, you CANNOT partition legs anymore. Here’s a video showing the gauge, it’s the pink one:


How can you know when the gauge is full or empty?? Luckily, there are a few different ways the gauge will reset itself to 100% full. They are:

•During super freeze
•If you press a kick button 5 times
•When you do Lightning Legs
•When you parry something
•When the round ends

So how do you do specific walking Lightning Legs setups?

The easiest and first one you should learn is post Houyoku-Sen jumping HP. HP–>walking Lightning Legs. High jump cancel after the super and do jump HP HP. When you’re falling back to the ground you tap kick (I believe RH to be the best Lightning legs so I always use RH) 4 times. It has to be 4 times. Not 3 not 5. When you land the invisible gauge is at the perfect full length to walk for a substantial amount of time. Try it! Walk forward and then press RH once. You will get Lightning Legs! Press two buttons for the 5th button and you’ll get EX!

This next setup is much harder, but also much better because it’s almost completely ambiguous.

Post Houyoku-Sen jump LK into Lightning Legs. It is your choice what side you land on! (You do need to learn the specific timings for each character in order to cross up. Example: Some characters you need to delay the initial jump Lk.)

If you try this setup, you will be met with great frustration. The walking Lightning Legs won’t come out! The reason why is because after your Houyoku-Sen, the Lightning Legs partition gauge is not synched up to allow any leeway with walking and activating the move.

The secret: During the second set of kicks during Houyoku-Sen, you need to press RH 5 times. The fifth press should coincide with the last hit of Houyoku-Sen. This resets the gauge. Jump LK and press RH another 4 times. Upon landing you now have time to walk under or not and do Lightning Legs. Nuki has mastered this technique and it almost guarantees some kind of damage post Houyoku-Sen.

So remember you have to press RH a total of 9 times in order to store it post jump LK. It is very important to be precise. Press the button 8 or 10 times and it won’t work.

Houyoku-Sen -> press RH 5 TIMES during the second set of kicks (doesn’t have to be fast, try it out) jump LK and press RH 4 more times and now you can do walking Lightning Legs.

Hope this helps…Good luck guys!

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And for those without fast fingers enought to tap it 4 rh times after the hp-hp, you can press fierce together with roundhouse and fierce will come out + it will count as a roundhouse press because of punches having priority over kicks when pressed together.

Don’t know how to find the YouTube video URL on my iPhone but here is the website with the video.


Ryan you forgot to mention parry freeze. Parry freeze also resets the guage which is why parry dive kick, st rh, then walk up LL works consistently. same as parry, then low rh, then walk up LL.

Thanks Yuuki. Updated the post with video.

I remember months back when I was learning the 2nd setup I would mess up sometimes because I would try to do the initial 5 kicks way too fast and miss an input or do too many etc etc.
you can pace it quite slow

Thanks Ryan for shedding light on this. This has been very helpful. Whenever, ESN posted how to download and run the program ourselves, I learned how to do walking legs off of super jumping hp hp but could never figure out how the jump lk one worked. I just tried delaying it all sort of ways.

For people that don’t already know how to download the program, I’ll basically just repost what ESN said along with things I figured out while messing with it:

  1. You need to download http://code.google.com/p/fbarr/downloads/detail?name=fba-rr-v007.7z and http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Sc/so/318650.zip (link found on c_cube blog, password is ‘urien’, on next page click on download link, and then click on the kochira link.
  2. Unzip fbarr, create a ‘roms’ folder and put your 3S rom in it.
  3. Unzip second zip in the fbarr folder.
  4. To load the script, once in a game, in fba menu : Game/Lua scripting/New lua script window, then select ‘3rd_training_20120212.lua’
  5. Mimic the same window screen options for ggpo because for some reason whenever you open it up for the first time, the window is super small

I personally just set the rounds to 4/7 and put the game on event mode, so I could easily change something if need be. Once you have picked your characters, and the match actually starts, hold down the P1 start button for 2 secs and a menu will pop up. Turn on “RENDA VIEW” for the Lighting Legs gauge, “GAUGE MAX” for infinite meter for both characters, and “TRAINING MODE” for multiple reasons. With “TRAINING MODE” on, if you press P1 start twice in quick succession the P2 health goes back to max and the timer goes back to 99 seconds. IMO, this is the best way to practice this, but feel free to mess around with the other settings, or if you want you can just make a save state instead like in OE. If anyone doesn’t understand or can’t get it to work, just ask and I’ll try to explain it better.

I also don’t know if this is the most appropriate thread to ask this question, but can Ryan or somebody please elaborate on normals Chun Li should be using after the superjump from super (i.e. sometimes on shotos, I see people do a stomp and then lk?)? It is hard for me to tell if Chun Li is using jump lk or mk in videos. Whenever I watch Nuki, MOV, Rikimaru, etc., I don’t understand how they choose which follow up to do or basically which ones work on which characters (i.e. I don’t think stomps works on twins). I plan to continue watching and start taking notes on this, but I was hoping Ryan or someone could also shed a little light on this please.

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You have tons of options post Houyoko and many of the outcomes will change depending on small variations of timing. Go into training mode and create some new setups!

The world is your oyster.

besides post-SA2 setups, how do you exactly know where your gauge is, how many kicks you have stored, or how do you force a reset with only these limited conditions?

I haven’t used that program yet, but I just want to know why I can’t get some simple setups to work. Example landing a close hk and wanting to follow up with LL shortly after, tried to activate LL with all different kicks, but doesnt work. The other one is back throwing them into the corner, press kick 4x and then also no activate on the 5th.

You can’t consistently do the setups your talking about because it’s just not possible to know where your gauge is without resetting. So your setups will work sometimes and sometimes it won’t work. Doesn’t matter what kick your pressing.

That’s just part of the way these moves work. Just like you cannot randomly partition with Urien and expect walking headbutt to come out 100% of the time.

Do try the program though. You might be able to invent a setup that will satisfy what youre looking for.

So does that mean there’s no way to reliably reset the charge gauge for Urien? :sad:

No, you can. Same ways as ryan and yuuki mentioned such as after a super activates. This is how it is possible to do Urien’s unblockables setups and to do them consistently. If you couldn’t reset the charge gauge, then Urien would only get the necessary partitioned move sometimes for his unblockable setups. That is why Ryan said you can’t just do it randomly because the guage is constantly active and only resets to full in certain situations. I didn’t mention it but if you download that program they also have the charge gauges for all of Urien’s charge moves. Use the program to your advantage and learn how it works, it is pretty interesting.

The program is really fun to play around with.

Imagine if 3soe had this feature. A dream come true.

I’m confused as to what this is applicable for. I play shotos mainly, is there any use? Can this tool teach me anything?

So this amazing martial

Thanks a lot for this great post. This program was so useful in learning Urien partitions. Sorry for bumping such an old thread but does anyone have a mirror for the second link?

This one : http://www1.axfc.net/uploader/Sc/so/318650.zip